Private Equity Group Makes Investment Into VIVID EV

VIVID EV, March 23rd, 2022 – VIVID EV grows rapidly after partnering with a private equity group consisting of investors Alan Fudge, Michael McAfee, and L. Walter Quinn.

“By partnering with this private equity group, it has allowed VIVID EV to expand at a rapid pace. This has allowed us to deliver cars to match the demand of our dealer network”, says Brett McNeilly (CEO).

VIVID EV has moved into a 26,000 sq ft interim facility. In the Fall they will be moving into their new 46,000 sq ft headquarters based in Fort Myers, FL. With this investment from the private equity group, VIVID EV introduces 3 new board members.

Alan Fudge
Alan has a strong background in sales, operations, and marketing. He has succeeded in senior management roles at companies such as Hortonworks, HPE, Quest Software, GuardianEdge Technologies, VMware, IBM.

Michael McAfee
Michael is one of the principals of ARKOMA Assets, LLC. He also founded and managed McAfee Capital and McAfee Consulting. Prior to this, he worked at JP Morgan, Chase’s Capital Markets, and Blackstone Group L.P.

Walter Quinn
Walter is the President and Managing Director of Q | 3 Financial, LLC. He has also served as a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Board Member for two independent bank holdings companies. Over the years, Mr. Quinn held multiple investments in the oil and gas industry. In 1993 he founded Quinn-Matchet Partners, Inc., a real estate investment company.

Brett McNeilly
Brett is the co-founder and CEO of VIVID EV. Prior to this, he began a marketing company to assist dealers with their online presence before noticing the increasing demand for lithium battery powered vehicles. Brett has also held various positions at Yamaha Motor Company and Yamaha Golf Car Company in Sales, Service, and Analyst positions.

Chris Herndon
Chris co-founded VIVID EV with Brett McNeilly. Prior to this, he gained 24 years of experience in leadership roles in the automotive and motorsports industry.


VIVID EV is a neighborhood electric vehicle manufacturer focused on lithium battery powered cars based in Fort Myers, FL. VIVID EV is the growing leader in urban mobility and the low-speed vehicle (LSV) market. The founding management team at VIVID EV has over 20 years of experience in the neighborhood electric vehicle/golf car markets.

More about VIVID EV management team

Brett McNeilly – Chief Executive Officer

Chris Herndon – President

Visit our website: VIVID-EV.COM

Email: [email protected] 

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