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At Evolution Electric Vehicles, they believe that any time is tee time and have great golf cart models that will make you fall in love with the sport even more.

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Available Evolution Golf Cart Models

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At Evolution Electric Vehicles, they believe that any time is tee time and have great golf cart models that will make you fall in love with the sport even more. The production of Evolution golf carts combines advanced tech, top-quality components, and luxury coachwork. Evolution exclusively produces electric golf carts, which makes them environmentally friendly. These golf carts rank among the fastest in the industry, accelerating from 0-30 mph in 5 seconds.

Evolution Golf Cart Models

Evolution golf carts are specially built to cater to personal transport, commercial, and golf needs. The various models will, therefore, have different features for the best performance. The Turfman and Carrier models are great for daily tasks where hard work is involved. These golf carts are particularly characterized by special rugged tires and a cargo bed that offers maximum loading space. The Classic model is crafted to give the ultimate golfing experience. Some of the features that define these golf carts include:

  • 48V, 4 - 6.3 KW AC Motor.
  • Curtis AC controller.
  • Front and rear A-arm coil-over suspension.
  • 4” heavy duty coil-over Double A-arm suspension lift.
  • Acid treated, powder-coated steel chassis.
  • Drum brakes.
  • Trojan brand batteries.
  • Digital display with an integrated rear-view camera.
  • 10” – 14” aluminum wheels.
  • Extended rooftops.
  • Foldable windshield.
  • Grab bar.

The Forester model is the highlight model when it comes to Evolution golf carts for personal transportation needs. This model shares most of the features as the Classic model and comes with a brush guard and retractable seats.

Evolution Golf Cart Advancements

Evolution has recently released the new Classic PLUS and Evolution PLUS. Some of the new features to expect with these new models include:

  • Color-matched rims.
  • New color-matched framing for the automotive dash.
  • 9” touch screen with Bluetooth audio system, rear-view camera, and speedometer.
  • Upgraded rear flip-out seats with a compartment for storage underneath.

The most significant upgrade for these new models is probably the new Lithium-Ion batteries. Unlike the lead-acid batteries used in the past, these are maintenance-free batteries that will offer longer run time, little to no maintenance, and shorter charge time. These batteries also feature an aluminum casing and an improved Battery Management System (BMS). These battery packs in various capacities, including 60 AH, 110 AH, and 130 AH.

Things to Consider When Buying an Evolution Golf Cart

Evolution golf carts are exclusively electric with no gasoline offerings at this time. This means that they have to be charged before each use to guarantee uninterrupted sessions. Therefore, it would make sense to choose a golf cart with a higher battery capacity for longer run time.

The frame for Evolution golf carts are made of stainless steel which will really help if you’re looking to use your Evolution golf cart in coastal regions.

Maintenance of Evolution Golf Carts

Some of the maintenance tips for Evolution golf carts include:

  • Charge the batteries when the golf cart is not in use.
  • Check water levels of the batteries and water where necessary. This might not be necessary, however, with the new Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Check tire pressure and fill up if low.
  • Inspect the brakes regularly.