lithium batteries in golf carts

A Look into Lithium Ion Batteries in Golf Carts

Lithium-ion Batteries Lithium-ion batteries have become immensely popular these days. They are most commonly used in cell phones, but due to their exceptional features, they...
Sealed Batteries

Are Sealed Batteries a Good Option for Golf Carts?

Are you wondering whether AGM batteries - also known as sealed batteries - are good for your golf cart? Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries...
kids and golf carts

Keeping Our Kids and Ourselves Safe in Golf Carts

Keeping Our Kids and Ourselves Safe in Golf Carts Golf enthusiasts may be aware of the evolution of golf carts and how they have become...
NEV or LSV or something else?

Is it a Golf Cart or something else entirely?

So what is this vehicle named? You know, the one that carries golf bags and drives around on a green landscape in search of...
How Lead Acid Batteries Work - Pros & Cons

How Lead Acid Batteries Work and Their Pros & Cons

As part of a series, we will provide information on the top battery types available for golf carts. For our first deep-dive, we will...

3 Tips for Finding a Service Dealer for Your Golf Cart

Finding a solid service dealer can be difficult at times in the Golf Cart Industry. In quite a few ways it's similar to finding...
regenerative braking

Regenerative Brakes in Electric Golf Carts

Many people exploring the potential purchase of hybrid and electric cars are finding out about this new feature that is included called regenerative brakes....
history of garia golf carts

A Brief History of Garia

A Brief History of Garia With its headquarters based in the lustrous pastures of Denmark, Garia has been in the Golf Cart Market for over...
3 Things to Consider when buying a refurbished golf cart

3 Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Golf Cart

Selling reconditioned (or refurbished) golf carts is a VERY popular thing to do among golf cart dealers and for good reason. They can strip...
Golf Cart Accessories

10 Common Golf Cart Accessories that are Purchased and Installed

10 Common Golf Cart Accessories that are Purchased and Installed Typically a golf cart will be built for golfing an 18 hole golf course. However,...






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