golf cart sidewalk

Can you drive your golf cart on the sidewalk?

The use of golf carts on sidewalks is a question that comes up from time to time. Does it make sense to have a...
History and Timeline of Club Car

History and Timeline of Club Car

The history of Club Car, just as you would suspect, follows the history of the sport itself, owing its start to the rising popularity...

Most Popular Golf Car Dealers on Facebook in 2017

Of all the social mediums, Facebook has emerged as the dominant player for golf cart dealers to market their business to consumers. Twitter is...
regenerative braking

Regenerative Brakes in Electric Golf Carts

Many people exploring the potential purchase of hybrid and electric cars are finding out about this new feature that is included called regenerative brakes....
history of garia golf carts

A Brief History of Garia

A Brief History of Garia With its headquarters based in the lustrous pastures of Denmark, Garia has been in the Golf Cart Market for over...