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lifted golf cart

To Lift Your Golf Cart Or Not To Lift – That Is The Conundrum

Golf Carts have come a long way For many decades the natural habitat of the golf cart was almost any climate from the equator to...
What's the difference between Radial Tires and Nylon-ply tires

What’s the difference between Radial Tires and Nylon-ply tires?

Like almost any choice when it comes to your golf cart, the best choice for tires depends on your individual situation, which includes mundane...
Military electric vehicles

Is the Military Shifting Gears towards Electric Vehicles?

The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about electric vehicles is a golf cart. After all, you can see them everywhere....

Club Car’s Visage: A Game Changer in Fleet Golf Cart Management

To Jump to GolfCartResource.com's Visage Q&A with Club Car’s Vice President of Connectivity, Robert McElreath, Click Here. Looking back over your ongoing relationship with golf...

How Club Car Keeps Its Leading Edge – A Q&A with President, Mark Wagner

If you’ve ever been around golf at all, the Club Car brand means something to you. Whether it is the golf car you use...