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Canadian Golf Cart Museum Now Offers 85 Vintage Carts on Display

The only Golf Cart Museum in Canada As Ron Lyons of Alberta, Canada, tells it to CBC News, golf carts are an important part of golf history. More than just...

Yamaha Golf Carts Unveils Brand New Factory Colors for 2020 Drive2

In a “colorful” fashion, Yamaha has unveiled their brand new 2020 Yamaha Drive2 PTV vehicles this week featuring never-before-seen colors for the Golf Car Industry. Alongside that, the Yamaha...

John Daly rides again… this time in a Golf Cart

John Daly is the kind of professional golfer you think about while shielding your eyes, then chuckling softly to yourself while looking at your shoes. And he’s making headlines...

(VIDEO) How to Change Your Golf Cart Batteries – A Step by Step Guide

So, it's time to change your Golf Cart Batteries. The signs are already visible. Your cart starts to slow down before you finish 18. The batteries don’t seem to...

How Club Car Keeps Its Leading Edge – A Q&A with President, Mark Wagner

If you’ve ever been around golf at all, the Club Car brand means something to you. Whether it is the golf car you use at your favorite course or...

A Look at the All New 2020 Tomberlin E-MERGE SS Coupe

Tomberlin prides itself on being a leader in the golf cart/LSV industry, and they’ve certainly taken a big step forward with the announcement of their 2020 E-MERGE SS Coupe....

An In-Depth View of the NEW Yamaha UMAX Rally™ 2+2 (Video)

Yamaha turned some heads at the 2019 PGA Show by unveiling their brand new UMAX Rally™ line. Designed as either a 2 seater with a dump utility bed or...
guide to buying a golf cart

Your Complete Guide to Purchasing a Golf Cart

Golf Cart Resource can help you make a purchasing decision by giving you a broad picture of what carts cost, with a little golf cart history thrown in for...
Golf Cart Battery Tips

5 Battery Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Golf Cart Running Strong

Perhaps the only thing worse than shanking your seven iron into the fairway bunker would be having your cart give up the ghost on number 12. You’re just starting...
Military electric vehicles

Is the Military Shifting Gears towards Electric Vehicles?

The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about electric vehicles is a golf cart. After all, you can see them everywhere. It seems that new golf...
Club Car Gas vs Yamaha Gas

A Comparison: Club Car Gas vs Yamaha Gas

If what you like to drive on the golf course has to be plugged in, this article is not for you. However, if you consider plugging-in an electric cart...
The Elusive Noise or Intermittent “No Go” in a Golf Cart

The Elusive Noise and Intermittent “No Go” in a Golf Cart

Having fixed golf carts for 35 years, the one thing that most golf cart mechanics dislike is the Noise, or Intermittent “no go”. Let's look at how you can...