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Pro-Trump Golf Cart Rally Planned for The Villages, Florida

With the aging of the U.S. demographic and the rising popularity of golf carts in residential settings, especially in the Sun Belt, there is...



E-MERGE Ghosthawk by Tomberlin

RAISE. YOUR. GAME. The all-new E-MERGE Ghosthawk is the first Lifted vehicle in the E-MERGE Series. It features a Ghosted Black Automotive Paint with Ghosted Badging along with 14″ Custom Ghosted Aluminum Wheels.


Raising the Game – The All New Tomberlin Ghosthawk

Tomberlin is kicking off 2019 with a lifted cart and, boy, does it look hungry. You might just be on the menu because this...
Golf Cart Safety on the Golf Course

Five Tips for Better Golf Cart Safety on the Course

Driving a golf cart is simply not the same as driving an automobile. There are different concerns and potential problems that could lessen your...
Club Car Snowstorm

A Snowstorm is on its way – and it’s not the Weather

That’s right. A Snowstorm is heading right towards you. Are you prepared? Now, I should let you know that this isn’t a traditional Snowstorm...

A Star Is Born…And You Don’t Even Have To Go To Stuttgart

Mercedes-Benz has long been a highly desirable automobile because of its engineering, timeless design and overall luxury. The Mercedes star is a sign of...
guide to buying a golf cart

Your Complete Guide to Purchasing a Golf Cart

Golf Cart Resource can help you make a purchasing decision by giving you a broad picture of what carts cost, with a little golf...
Golf Cart Battery Tips

5 Battery Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Golf Cart Running Strong

Perhaps the only thing worse than shanking your seven iron into the fairway bunker would be having your cart give up the ghost on...
Military electric vehicles

Is the Military Shifting Gears towards Electric Vehicles?

The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about electric vehicles is a golf cart. After all, you can see them everywhere....

SoloRider is Getting Golfers Back In The Game

Some mobility impairments have come with age, some with disease and many from accident or injury. Individuals who have lost limbs or had their...
Club Car Gas vs Yamaha Gas

A Comparison: Club Car Gas vs Yamaha Gas

If what you like to drive on the golf course has to be plugged in, this article is not for you. However, if you...