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The SoloRider Golf Cart

MADE WITH PRECISION, MADE TO CHANGE LIVES. That’s their slogan and it’s easy to see that they are doing just that. Learn more about how The SoloRider is changing the game for golfers with disabilities.


Club Car Gas vs Yamaha Gas

A Comparison: Club Car Gas vs Yamaha Gas

If what you like to drive on the golf course has to be plugged in, this article is not for you. However, if you...
Buying Golf Cart Batteries

Tips for Purchasing Golf Cart Batteries

Your batteries are the heart of your cart. Your human heart delivers blood to your body that allows you to do everything.  Your cart...
a quick history of columbia

A Quick History of Columbia and ParCar Vehicles

Columbia ParCar, a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, has been manufacturing vehicles since the 1980s after they acquired Harley Davidson Golf Carts...
Club Car or E-Z-GO

Club Car or E-Z-GO? Which Should You Choose?

The batteries are charged…check. Clubs loaded…check. Cigars in glove box…check. Radio set to favorite station…check. Cooler full of ice and adult beverages…check. Turn key,...

Feel the Need for Speed? The Hoonigan Player Special

October 2018 Golf Cart of the Month Check out the Hoonigan Shop in Long Beach, CA. They just completed building what could be the fastest...
golf cart parades

Here Comes the Big Parade! Golf Cart Parades Around the United States

There’s an old song titled “I love a parade.” It was probably written because Americans of every age always seem to get excited about...
The Elusive Noise or Intermittent “No Go” in a Golf Cart

The Elusive Noise and Intermittent “No Go” in a Golf Cart

Having fixed golf carts for 35 years, the one thing that most golf cart mechanics dislike is the Noise, or Intermittent “no go”. Let's...
reasons to drive your golf cart more

7 Great Reasons To Drive Your Golf Cart More Often

If you have the pleasure of owning a golf cart, then I'm sure most of you know how much fun they are to cruise...
Excessive Carts Ferrari Golf Cart

This Ferrari Golf Cart will Definitely Speed Up Your Game

September 2018 Golf Cart of the Month Enzo Ferrari found his place in history by designing and building some of the fastest and most expensive...