Yamaha Golf Car introduces a Concept Hydrogen Engine Golf Car

Yamaha Golf Car introduced the industry’s first Hydrogen powered golf car, the DRIVE H2.  The concept car was unveiled at the Yamaha booth at the 2024 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL on January 24th at 10am.

The DRIVE H2 is based on Yamaha’s DRIVE2 CONCIERGE4, a four-seater golf car sold mainly in the United States, but also around the world. Hydrogen engines are internal combustion engines that can make use of existing technologies and at the same time do not emit COduring the combustion process. For this reason, Yamaha is conducting research and development of this technology as it has the potential to achieve both the continued use of internal combustion engines and decarbonization.

DRIVE H2 is equipped with two high-pressure hydrogen tanks (25L each) positioned under the driver’s seat and on the back of the rear seat.

About Yamaha Golf-Car Company
The Yamaha Golf-Car Company builds from the 60-plus-year legacy of the Yamaha brand to manufacture the most innovatively engineered and highest quality golf, utility, and personal transportation vehicles in the world. That legacy propelled Yamaha Golf Car to be the first to develop Electronic Fuel Injection technology in a golf car (producing the best gas mileage and smallest carbon footprint); the first (and only) golf car with fully independent, four-wheel suspension (producing the smoothest golf car ride); and the first gas-powered car that is almost as quiet as an electric car. For more on how Yamaha continues to set the standard, visit yamahagolfcar.com.