Used Golf Carts For Sale

Used golf carts are viable options for buyers looking for reasonably low prices. Just like new golf carts, purchasing a used one for sale may be overwhelming, given the endless options available in the market.

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Golf Cart Conditions Available

Buying Used Golf Carts

Used golf carts are viable options for buyers looking for reasonably low prices. Just like new golf carts, purchasing a used one may be overwhelming, given the endless options available in the market. Many dealers offer used golf carts for sale and making the right purchase depends on various factors. Not all dealers are trustworthy out there, and it is, therefore, advisable to take you time and do due diligence before buying a second-hand golf cart. We understand that every potential golf cart buyer wants to get the best deal and a golf cart that will serve them for years. As such, there are essential considerations to make when buying used golf carts.

Used Golf Carts for sale near me

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Things to Look For In Used Golf Carts

Manufacture Year

With used golf carts, the age of the golf cart is of utmost importance. Some gas-powered golf carts in the market today could have been manufactured as early as the 80s or 90s. While most used golf carts may still be functional and efficient, it is common to encounter some with controller, fuel inefficiency, noise, and pollution issues. If you are looking to buy a used golf cart, check the make, model, and the serial number of the golf cart to determine their age. With the age of a used golf cart, you can know the availability of parts in the market, which is a significant consideration before buying.

Controller Records

Before closing the purchase deal, ask the dealer to show you the controller. It is a part that records the cycles and hours of the golf cart, which tells you how much the golf cart has been used. If a dealer is hesitant to show you a golf cart’s controller, this could indicate that something is wrong, and you’d be better off looking for another used golf cart.

Condition of the Batteries

Worn-out batteries can be an added expense in the future if not noted before purchasing the golf cart. Most electric golf carts use six 8v batteries or four 12v batteries, and the condition of these batteries could determine the performance of your golf cart. It is therefore advisable to look at the battery contacts for any corrosion or deposition, bulging on battery sides, and the general cleanliness and condition of the batteries.

Gas vs. Electric Golf Carts

Used gas golf carts often have their issues, including noise and some level of pollution. If they are well-maintained, however, this should not be a major problem. Their used electric counterparts are also great options, provided the batteries are in good condition. It is advisable to check the maintenance records of your preferred golf cart to ensure that its general condition is acceptable.

Golf Cart Tires

Take a good look at the tires. If they are rugged and worn out, they may not last many years and may pose a risk as they can easily explode. Ask the dealer whether the tires have been changed after the first purchase and whether they are of the same brand, as this could tell you whether the cart has been used extensively or repaired. While it might not always be a bad thing, it is important to know the condition of the golf cart you are buying.

Golf Cart Brakes

Take your preferred golf cart on a test drive to ensure that the brake system is responsive. Check out for damage to the brake drum as it could cause major problems. However, worn out or frayed brake cables should not be a major alarm as they can be replaced at a nominal cost. Make sure that the brakes don’t squeal and that the golf cart comes to a halt smoothly.

Other Golf Cart Features

Before buying a second-hand golf cart, check the wiring to determine if it’s done neatly and professionally. Also, take a good at the frame for any signs of corrosion. Preferably, go for a cart with an aluminum frame as they are safer and corrosion-resistance. It is also important that you check the steering for worn-out gears in a rack and pinion system.

Pros of Buying a Used Golf Cart

  • They cost much less than new and refurbished golf carts.

Cons of Buying a Used Golf Cart

  • Some bear mechanical issues, including braking systems, which may be a problem if missed when buying.