Tomberlin Introduces New E-MERGE GT & E-MERGE E6 Models

Tomberlin E-MERGE GT and E6

Tomberlin announced that they have released two new models to their E-MERGE line of vehicles – the E-MERGE GT and E-MERGE E6. According to their website, these street-legal vehicles are offered in 2 & 4 passenger for the GT and 6 & 8 Passenger for the E6. The E6 is their largest seating capacity vehicle in the E-MERGE lineup made to date.

Tomberlin E-MERGE GT

Notable Features

  • Available in 2 and 4 Passenger Models
  • 7-inch LCD Dash Display
  • Backlit Headliner with Rearview Camera
  • Custom 14”-inch Steel Belted Radials / Black Wheels
  • LSV Compliant
  • 3-Point Seat Belts
  • 24” Bazooka Sound Bar

Just like the other higher-end E-MERGE vehicles, the GT offers electric power steering and is LSV Compliant. What makes the GT a class of its own are the new features including the capability of going 0-25 mph in 6 seconds, its 5 brand new colors, a 24″ Bazooka Sound Bar, custom 14″ Black Steel Belted Radials, and Custom High-Back Carbon Black Seats with the Tomberlin Logo embroidered into the fabric.

“The GT is the hottest production vehicle we have ever offered, with the ability to zoom from 0 to 20 mph in 5 seconds – and to 25 mph in 6 seconds, if you’re willing. And even more impressive, with standard 4-wheel brakes it can go from 20 to 0 in less than 12 feet. Just in case!”, said Tomberlin’s Chris Plummer.

Full List of Features and Specs for GT

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Tomberlin E-MERGE E6

Notable Features

  • Available in 6 and 8 Passenger Models
  • Industry First Electric Power Steering
  • 12” Steel Belted Radials & Custom Aluminum Wheels
  • Premium Two-Toned Bolstered High-Back Seats
  • LSV Compliant
  • 3-Point Seat Belts
  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes with Front Disk & Rear Drum

With a potential seating capacity of 8 passengers, the E-MERGE E6 is Tomberlin’s largest vehicle to date. This limousine-style vehicle is available in both Tomberlin’s LE Plus and SS packages and features 3 forward-facing seats with the option to add a rear-facing, fold-down seat which will allow for adding up to 8 passengers or additional cargo.

Full List of Features and Specs for E6

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