Now is the Time to Buy a Golf Cart and Ditch the Extra Car in the Garage

I get it…the climate of buying stuff right now is a tough debate. Markets are crashing, the future is uncertain, and we are all a bit stir crazy as we are being forced to “self-quarantine”. Additionally, we are being limited to social engagements of 10 or more people, and that is why a golf cart makes so much sense! In your car, you are encapsulated with other folks and breathing the same air. In a golf cart, everything is fresh! Open, breezy air as you stroll down the street.

And…here is the kicker, if you golf – you have it made in the shade. Get outside and golf with 3 of your best friends. Now is the time to enjoy nature, not run away from it in fear. So, get rid of the giant 8 person suburban and get a golf cart. Install a stereo system and maybe some LED lights to make it festive.

At Golf Cart Resource, our mission is to connect you with reputable companies in the industry. We recommend working with local dealers and staying away from buying out of state or on Craigslist (unless the vehicle on Craigslist is from a reputable dealer). Why? Well for a few reasons:

  • Support our local businesses.
  • Support those that can fix your golf cart (correctly)

Sure, it may seem expensive at times, but so is your time. Spend more time driving around in peaceful nature at 20 MPH and less time haggling over price. Treat each other with respect and you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll love your golf cart.

Lastly, if you have concerns about going to the store and shopping, then we have you covered! We have an abundance of education to research golf carts for sale, batteries, what accessories to buy and so much more all in one nicely wrapped resource. As in, Golf Cart Resource 😉