10 Common Golf Cart Accessories that are Purchased and Installed

Golf Cart Accessories

10 Common Golf Cart Accessories that are Purchased and Installed

Typically a golf cart will be built for golfing an 18 hole golf course. However, it has started to become more ideal to use a golf cart for traveling around the neighborhood and in some cases, travel to the local grocer. For this reason, it becomes important to add accessories to your golf cart for a variety of reasons. Some may be for safety while other accessories will be there to make your rides more comfortable. Therefore, we have put together a list of the top 10 Golf Cart accessories that are purchased and installed on golf carts below:

1. 5 panel rear view mirror

A 5 Panel rear view mirror allows you to not only see behind you, but it also gives you more of a peripheral view versus only one angle. For light driving in a neighborhood, a 5 panel rear view mirror may be all you need to see behind you. However, for safer view behind you, then we do recommend adding side mirrors as well.

2. Sand & Seed Bottles

You’re really going to only want to have your own Sand & Seed Bottles installed if you will be playing golf in your cart. Otherwise, they are going to serve you very well. In case you don’t already know, they are used to reseed the grass you just put a hole in with your pitching wedge.

3. Ice Chest

Ice Chests for Golf Carts are fairly inexpensive and are quite convenient when traveling or playing a round of golf in your golf cart. They are also quite easily installed.

4. Golf Cart Headlights

Kind of a no brainer, but if you’re driving your golf cart at night, then Golf Cart Headlights are a must-have and provide the following:
– Safer ride
– Available in 4 shades
– Activated by motion
– Affordable
– Durable and rain resistant

5. Cup holders

Who doesn’t get thirsty while on the course or driving around the neighborhood? Having a cup holder helps with preventing spillage while also keeping your hands free for what’s most important– DRIVING THE CART 🙂

6. Cover/Enclosure

Make sure that you have an enclosure that will completely cover your golf cart. It will protect the cart and its machinery from moisture, sun, and rain. Especially nice in golf cart communities where the primary mode of transportation is by golf cart. Nobody likes to get splattered with rain.

7. Side mirrors

While you are driving the golf cart, if you would like to have an extra view of what is coming from behind, side mirrors will work nicely. They will help prevent you from all possible damages and collisions.

8. Replacement keys

Always have a spare set of keys. If you don’t have a unique key switch, which most golf carts do not, then they are readily available from any golf cart shop and are worth the $3 to have handy. If you have a unique key switch then you should be able to just get them duplicated at a hardware store etc.

9. Tinted Split Windshield

Tinted Split windshields are probably the most common type of windshield for golf carts. They are convenient because 1) they block the sun and 2) the top half can “split” allowing for airflow in case it’s hot outside.

10. Ball and Club Washer

If you’re going to be using your golf cart for playing golf then installing a ball and club washer is an accessory that is wise to have. They’re convenient, easy to install, and most of all, will keep those clubs clean.