4 Potential Reasons for Golf Carts Getting Slower With Time

Golf cart owners already know that golf carts aren’t typically super fast. But that doesn’t mean one should be okay with them slowing down with time. A greater number of golfers enjoy basking in the sun for hours when they are on the course and have no problem with the slow speed of their golf carts, but a golf cart slowing down even further could indicate there’s a problem. Let’s get into that below.

Low Voltage

Low batteries are the most common reason for golf carts slowing down. It is quite logical to assume that it may be because of the low power output produced by an uncharged battery. But if your cart’s battery indicator shows a full battery, then it’s time to get your battery checked. You can hire the services of a reliable golf cart mechanic or check it yourself using a multi-meter.

Faulty Speed Sensor

The speed of a golf cart depends largely on two components: the battery, which we have discussed above, and the speed sensor. The speed sensor ensures efficient and smooth acceleration. It works by providing the required amount of electricity for gaining or maintaining the desired speed.

It is inevitable for a golf cart to slow down if there is an issue with the speed sensor. A broken or faulty speed sensor sends less power to the engine. The most probable causes of a faulty or broken speed sensor are.

Mud and Dirt Buildup

Needless to say, a speed sensor is a very durable part. However, once dirt and grime start to accumulate, speed sensors either malfunction or break.

Speed Magnet Failure

Speed magnet failure can affect the cart’s acceleration.

Speed Sensor Wearing-out

Speed sensors have a lifespan, and they burn out once they are too old. It is common for them to lose their efficiency and functionality.

Faulty Ampacity Controller

A faulty ampacity controller can cause unanticipated speed deterioration and sudden speed surges. Ampacity controllers regulate the amperage a golf cart generates and uses and can malfunction due to faulty cables, improper installation, improper maintenance, or the part failing.

Malfunctioning Switch

Golf carts come equipped with a reverse and forward switch. Issues with the direction switch make the cart go slower. These issues majorly appear because of wire failures and can further escalate into sparks.

Chad has been in the golf cart industry for 5+ years utilizing his skills in sales and marketing as well as producing various online platforms for dealers and OEMs. He resides in a golf community in La Quinta, CA where he takes at least one golf cart ride a day around the neighborhood with his family.