A Look at the All New 2020 Tomberlin E-MERGE SS Coupe

Tomberlin prides itself on being a leader in the golf cart/LSV industry, and they’ve certainly taken a big step forward with the announcement of their 2020 E-MERGE SS Coupe. There are a lot of unique features that will set this cart and anybody who drives it apart from the crowd.

One of the most impressive innovations, in my humble opinion, is the addition of electric power steering. “Why put power steering on a golf cart you ask?” Well, just let your memory wander over the times you have driven on a tight and winding cart path or curvy neighborhood streets, had to maneuver through a mass of parked carts outside the club bar or had to thread a parking lot needle to get your clubs to your trunk. Ease and accuracy of steering is critical to navigating the obstacles that may show up during a round, especially if your ball ventures off the fairway into unknown territory. As one who has had the experience of parking a fleet of carts back into the barn where there is not an inch to spare to make sure they all fit, I can tell you power steering would have made life a lot easier.

Fortunately, that feature is not the only one that offers a parallel to your own vehicle of choice. Like many automobiles, the E-MERGE SS has front wheel disc brakes, high-intensity high/low beam headlamps, self-cancelling turn signals, side view and interior rear-view mirrors and an interior dome light. It even has a horn…and how many times have you wanted to honk off some bozo who has hit into your foursome.

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If speed is your thing, there is a digital illuminated speedometer and two forward speeds (plus reverse) at the flip of a switch. To keep somebody from copying your new ride, the steering column includes an automotive-type locking mechanism with easy-to-reach controls.

For consumer safety, the E-MERGE has LED tail and roof-mounted brake lights, emergency flashers and available windshield wipers for the LSV model. Even the parking brake is high tech, a Smart Park™ electric model with an on-board override. The chassis is formed with frame-mounted tubular steel, which is also used on the canopy supports, so this model is as tough as it looks and has great stability and comfort when driving on uneven terrain. Not to mention, there is also a reverse camera that links to the digital display in the driver’s seat.

Convenience isn’t overlooked either. There are two locking glove boxes and a rear locking storage trunk. An admirable extra is a key set that is totally personal and unique, unlike many carts where one size fits all.

Some in the industry are still a little leery about jumping back into the Tomberlin vehicle line due to their history (prior to the Columbia Vehicle Group acquisition). As with any cart we discuss with our readers, it is paramount that you have someone local who can provide you with parts and service for any potential issues that may take place in the future.

Similar to cars, golf carts/LSVs will always require maintenance. It’d be great if they didn’t, however that is not the world we live in. So, while all these features are fantastic and great as they also are in high class BMWs and Range Rovers, it also means more things to fix in case issues arise. However, we know Tomberlin takes pride in their vehicles and aim for a positive customer experience as most OEMs in the golf cart industry do. Be sure you have a dealer you can rely on if you are not about to fix things yourself.

With that being said though, on the course or on the street, you would be hard-pressed to find a cart that can compare for design, performance or included features. Take a test drive and you might not want to remove your tailored golf slacks from the luxury logo seats. So, go ahead and indulge yourself. Order the interior roof-mounted speakers and roll into the future with your favorite tunes. Be prepared for spending more time at the 19th hole, however, as this is one ride you are going to want to show off to an admiring crowd.

To learn more about the Tomberlin E-MERGE line, visit the Tomberlin website.

Ken is a veteran of the golf industry, with experience in golf course operations, country club marketing, tournament staging (including the nationally televised ProStakes) and too many mis-hit shots to count. He has been writing since he could hold a pen and has been published in numerous national and industry publications. Ken has worked on projects with PGA pros like Jack Nicklaus, Peter Jacobsen, Fuzzy Zoeller, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Craig Stadler.