A Quick History of Columbia and ParCar Vehicles

Photo Credit: Tomberlin.net

a quick history of columbia

Columbia ParCar, a member of the Nordic Group of Companies, has been manufacturing vehicles since the 1980s after they acquired Harley Davidson Golf Carts from AMC. You’re probably thinking that’s a boatload of golf carts, but Columbia also makes electric vehicles for commercial and industrial uses. You’ve probably ridden in one of their carts at an airport or resort, or have seen them used in large factories for moving both parts and people.

That said, they actually have sold a large quantity of golf carts in places like The Villages in Florida where at last count there were 43,000 golf carts and where ParCar is a major brand there. They have also sold a large amount of carts in the golf cart laiden land of Arizona.

ParCar has been a force in the golf industry for years, a true legacy of fun and unexpected birdies. ParCar is now history. But the legacy lives on with Columbia’s recent acquisition of Tomberlin Automotive Group, another cart manufacturer that has been quite popular since it was founded in 2006.

The two brands have recently merged and are now marketed under the Tomberlin name. The popular Eagle Series and Legacy Touring Series once available under the ParCar name have now become the Tomberlin Eagle and the Tomberlin Legacy Touring. They will join Tomberlin’s distinctively designed E-MERGE series cart. While there are two different narratives, the lines will share some common features.

For example, all Tomberlin carts have durable steel frames, giving them exceptional longevity. With a rust treatment in humid areas these carts could outlast their owners. In addition, all Tomberlin carts will carry on the ParCar tradition of truly robust driver motors. Particularly hilly courses will pose no problems for these carts, so blast it as far into the rough as you’d like.

Other notable features are highly efficient chargers and energy recovery braking that adds to the batteries’ charge when the brakes are applied. This contributes to a range per charge of 40 to 50 miles (yes miles). Golfers will also like the fact that the performance can be programmed. You can set things up to hit maximum speed at 17 miles per hour, or conserve energy and dial everything back. On a crowded day on the course there is nothing gained by getting to your ball faster only to face a longer wait before you can hit, so why not conserve your batteries.

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When you’ve been building golf carts since the end of World War II, you accumulate the experience and technology to offer a truly state-of-the-art vehicle, and that is exactly what the new version of ParCar/Tomberlin plans to do. As a golfer you can look to Tomberlin for excellent construction and durability, commanding performance and style that will stand out on the fairway. Think of it…a truly great looking cart can distract other players from dissecting your swing.

The Nordic Group of Companies has its HQ in Baraboo, Wisconsin. It is a privately-held holding company with 22 facilities and 24 marketing units around the world. The company employs over 2,400 people. Products include plastic seating and transportation vehicles (that’s where the golf carts fit in) for industrial, commercial and consumer markets (that’s where you and your golfing buddies come in.)

You’ll find the new carts are sold in the U.S.A., South America, Europe and Asia. Pretty much wherever people chase the little white ball invented in Scotland so long ago. Check out the Tomberlin website at www.tomberlin.net to see the new vehicles and perhaps find yourself a new ride.

author- Ken Becker
Ken is a veteran of the golf industry, with experience in golf course operations, country club marketing, tournament staging (including the nationally televised ProStakes) and too many mis-hit shots to count. He has been writing since he could hold a pen and has been published in numerous national and industry publications. Ken has worked on projects with PGA pros like Jack Nicklaus, Peter Jacobsen, Fuzzy Zoeller, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Craig Stadler.