Caddyshack Releases All New Porsche Speedster Golf Cart

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Caddyshack Porsche Speedster Golf Cart

Attention all golfers! Caddyshack Golf Cars in Palm Desert, CA, the golf cart company that turns iconic automobile sports cars into golf cart glory – has done it again, announcing late last week the arrival of the Porsche Speedster golf cart.

This maxed out beauty is guaranteed to turn heads in any community or on any golf course. For that matter, its design pays tribute to one of the world’s classiest, sexiest and most iconic sports cars of all time: The Porsche Speedster.

This is the car that set the pace for Porsche and introduced the company to the world. Since it was their first production model, it was the first time the company ventured outside of professional racing. This was the point at which Porsche began focusing on zipping around on the Autobahn, as opposed to being on the race track.

First produced in 1954, the 356 Porsche was an unknown, lightweight, two-passenger car with a slinky front end and an emblematic, low, curved windshield. It sold for $3,000 in those days – a big sigh for that. And it sold well, as it was one of the sexiest car designs to ever hit a showroom floor.

Caddyshack, meanwhile, is known for its golf cart bravado, producing a series of golf carts that pay tribute to some of the greatest sports cars from the American muscle car lineup. These include some of the most eye-catching cars in the country, namely the Chevy Camaro Fifty, the Ford Mustang, the Ford Raptor and the Shelby Cobra.

There are thousands of Americans of all ages who could probably tell you the first time their eye saw a Ford Mustang or a Chevy Camaro rolling by flash. It is a point of nostalgic reflection for most of us in our lives.

But let’s get back to discussing Caddyshack’s business. The Porsche Speedster Golf Cart custom made by Caddyshack contains all the elements associated with everything we love about Porsche. From the famous eye catching front hood to the sleek chrome and headlights, anyone who purchases this vehicle will be turning heads in their community.

Before walking through the list of features, it should be said that the first thing that caught my eye after taking in that Porsche-like front end was the small race-car like bubble above the dashboard.  It was designed to encompass the steering wheel. Of course, the steering wheel on a golf cart is not quite the same thing as that tiny steering wheel in a race car, but no Speedster interpretation could be built without one.

The features at this point are a laundry list of customized additions that put the finishing touch on this dazzling cart. It includes the famous Porsche badging, carpeted floor mats with front and floor compartments. The cart comes with 13-inch custom aluminum wheels and custom matching vinyl upholstered seats. In fact, the seat back is a custom-fit design that gives it a bucket-seat appearance, as it has twin recessed (concave) sections, one for the driver and one for the passenger.

Standard on the Caddyshack Speedster are the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, emergency flashers, turn signals, and a horn. It also has a fold-down windshield and a locking front trunk.

It comes with four 12v deep cycle batteries and a 48-V charger. It’s available in 48 Volt Drive Electric or gas-powered models. It is being built on the E-Z-GO RXV chassis.

NOTE: You can also build the Speedster golf cart on E-Z-GO’s Elite Lithium chassis which offers lithium batteries for a lighter and faster ride.

This is just the quickest possible look at this beauty, but we can guarantee one thing: If turning heads is what you want, the Caddyshack Speedster is exactly how do do that. They will have to turn relatively quickly, however. Top speed: A brisk 19.5 MPH.

You can learn more about the Porsche Speedster golf cart at

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