2017 EZGO Freedom RXV

2017 EZGO Freedom RXV









Accessory Availability



  • Manufactured since 2007
  • Easy to Find Parts
  • Lots of Accessories
  • Automatic Electro Magnetic Brake
  • Variety of Colors


  • One Size Fits All
  • No Standard Safety Features
  • No Mechanical Braking System
  • Limited Performance Capabilities
  • Designed for Golf Course use and not for the Street
Manufacturer EZGO
Model Freedom RXV
Power Type Electric
Top Speed 19.5 mph

EZGO Freedom RXV Golf Cart Review

This is a review for the EZGO Freedom RXV Golf Cart.

EZGO vehicles have been around for quite some time and have expanded their market presence the past few years with some innovative models. Their EZGO RXV model was introduced in 2007 with an AC motor system. It was one of the first of its kinds to be introduced to the Golf Cart market.

One of the innovative features of the EZGO Freedom RXV Golf Cart was the inclusion of a motor brake built into the motor making it so when you come to a stop, you do not have to engage the motor brake manually – It locks automatically. This is very advantageous for the average golfer since they do not have to engage the parking brake as they go to hit their ball each time. On the downside though, it is not the safest brake to use while driving, especially at speeds over 20 MPH. Also, since the motor brake runs off the battery power, if your batteries are dead, then the vehicle will not move until a service professional can get access to the vehicle.

The RXV line pushed the boundaries of the typical golf cart with their AC Motor system and motor brake. They did have some major motor issues in the roll out of the new product, however, golfers have enjoyed the features. It would be recommended to avoid some of the 2007 to 2009 year models if looking to purchase. Also, be aware that if the vehicle goes over 20 MPH because of modifications, then there is a significant higher chance of motor and controller failure since it could be prone to overheat.

Interested in a slightly more affordable golf cart than EZGO Freedom RXV Golf Cart? Check out the EZGO Freedom TXT Golf Cart here.

Frame AlumiCore™ — Ladder-style aluminum box beam
Body & Finish Dupont Surlyn® Reflections with molded-in color
Available Body Colors Almond, Barley Gold, Black, British Racing Green, Burgundy, Electric Blue, Flame Red, Forest Green, Inferno Red, Ivory, Java Brown, Metallic Charcoal, Oasis Green, Patriot Blue, Platinum, Steel Blue, Sunburst Orange, White
Overall Length 93.5 in
Overall Width 47.0 in
Overall Height (w/ canopy) 69.5 in
Wheel Base 66 in
Ground Clearance (at differential) 4.0 in
Motor Type 48-volt AC
Electric System 48-volt
Batteries (4) 12-volt, Deep Cycle
Battery Charger 48 V PowerWise QE, 120 VAC, UL and CSA
Speed Controller 235-amp solid-state controller
Drive Train Motor shaft direct drive
Transaxle Limited Slip Differential
Gear Selection Dash-mounted forward-neutral-reverse
Seating Capacity 2-person
Weight w/o Batteries 642 lb (291 kg)
Curb Weight 970 lb (440 kg)
Vehicle Load Capacity 800 lb (360 kg)
Outside Clearance Circle 19.2 ft (5.8 m)
Ground Speed 17.5 mph -19.5 mph (28 kph – 31 kph)
Towing Capacity 3 E-Z-GO golf cars with approved permanent tow bar
Steering Double-ended rack and pinion
Front Suspension Independent A-arm coil over shock
Rear Suspension Mono-Leaf springs with hydraulic shock absorbers
Service Brake Induction Motor
Parking Brake Automatic Electro-Magnetic
Front & Rear Tires Hole-in-One 18 x 8.50-8 (4-ply rated)


  1. Ezgo needs a rude awakening, I purchased a new ezgo gold cart and had ezgo accessories installed the windshield is rubbing on the cowl making a loud squeaking noise and wore right through the Finnish I have. Even told that after only 30 days of ownership that this is not a warranty issue??? Sure wish I had listened to people who said to buy a club cart !!!

  2. I’m having same problem. Purchased 2013 RXV. Dealer replaced due to cracked wind shield at no cost. After driving short distance vibration was so severe new windshield needed 2 replace ment. still no relief. Back to dealer decided need thicker gaskets at bottom.That has stopped some of vibration rattling and chaffing fiberglass.New windshield being ordered for current cracks.At no charge. The above being said when I purchased I thought it said that this model had real Hydraulics shock absorbers. But it doesnt just spring loaded ones. I’m assuming if I replace them with Hydraulics it will soften up the ride particular when hitting bumps in the pavement and also cutting down on road vibration wich I believe could be reason for new wind shiel cracking. Since this is 2013 model not even sure if they can be upgraded to true Hydraulics ones. Checking with dealer now.


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