The Villages – The Largest Golf Cart Community in the World

The Villages Florida Aerial View
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The Villages – The Largest Golf Cart Community in the World

Sometimes referred to as the “Disney World for old people”, the Villages in Sumter County Florida is the mecca of Golf Carts. Officially named in 1992, the Villages is a retirement community specifically designed for retirees over the age of 55. We are not typically surprised by someone driving their Golf Cart to the golf course, but in the Villages, an average resident can also stop by the bank, visit his or her doctor, attend happy hour and cap the night off at the local theater all from the convenience of their golf cart.

Golf Carts parked outside building
A line of golf carts parked outside a local hangout. Photo courtesy of

Upon first sight, people are amazed by the stretch of 100 miles within the community that can all be traversed by a golf cart. A simple trip to the local grocer will reveal a stretch of 100 or more golf carts in all shapes and sizes lined up in the parking lot to purchase groceries for the week. The sheer scope and size of a retirement community such as this is a sight to see.

Over 100,000 people live in the Villages, and each one of them desires to drive their Golf Cart. The local speed limit for these small vehicles is kept to 20 MPH, however there are some individual speed demons that alter the speed of their units. This does have some concern, because everyone has a horror story about a lethal golf cart accident that has taken place. That is why it is important that safety becomes a crucial element for individuals looking to drive their golf cart for personal use within a community. A seat belt can still save lives, even in a golf cart.

Awesome golf cart
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Beyond safety though, retirees in the Villages will purchase a golf cart with the intention of customizing it with a “pimp my ride” type of flair. From ground effects to custom fabricated bodies, it is not uncommon for retirees in the Villages to spend $15,000 to $30,000 on their golf cart. According to, 8,000 acres were recently purchased to build an additional 20,000 homes. With over 40,000 carts in the Villages today, we will not be surprised to see this number double inside of 8 years due to the massive expansion plans laid out in the development for the Villages. With this type of continued expansion in mind, we will continue to be here as the number one golf cart resource for the Villages and other similar communities.