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5 Things to Look For When Buying a Used Electric Golf Cart

Buying a golf cart can be very time consuming and confusing because of the wide range of features and styles that you can select. However, it is one of the best ways for you to travel around your community and play golf with. It is not always necessary to buy a brand new golf cart because there are many ways to buy a pre-owned or refurbished golf cart.
If you are looking forward to buying a used electric golf cart, then here are few things that you should take into consideration while you shop.

1) Is the Golf Cart Refurbished or Used?

When looking for a used or refurbished vehicle, it is good to decipher their underlying differences. A refurbished golf cart is a vehicle that was used on a golf course for a number of years and is now being resold to the general public as a “refurbished/reconditioned” golf cart. In this scenario, it is very easy to simply paint the body and suspension of the cart, add new tires and seats and call it a day. However, the motor, controller, bearings, batteries, and other wear and tear components are still the same. Make sure the unit is reconditioned by a certified dealer with a good reputation. A good place to start is with a dealership that is the official dealer for the make of the refurbished unit. Be very careful when buying a refurbished golf cart as it is the easiest way to end up with a unit that requires additional repairs within the first year.

Other sellers may sell the unit in as-is condition. Therefore, you will have to keep in mind the market pricing and what is included with the unit. Always make sure the vehicle has relatively new batteries in. For information on determining the age of the batteries, please check out our article on determining the age of the batteries. In addition, inspect the tires, suspension, charger, and overall condition of the vehicle. Undoubtedly, a used golf cart will not be perfect, therefore it is good to determine what repairs in the future you could expect when evaluating the price of the unit. If you have additional questions, then feel free to use our golf cart valuation tool to determine the price of a used golf cart.

2) What is the Age of the Golf Cart?

It is important that you consider the age of the electric golf cart that you are looking forward to buying. You have to pay attention towards the model of the cart because that will help you get the features that you require. As well as if the model is older, it can be increasingly difficult for you to find parts for the unit. A good rule of them is to stay away from any unit that is over 15 years old. In addition, always ask to see how many hours or cycles are on the unit. Most golf carts that are 2005 and newer will track the hours and cycles (golf cart rounds) on the unit internally on the controller. If the dealer is reluctant to show this information to you, then this should be a red flag as to his expertise or trying to cover up the fact the unit may have 2000+ hours on it.

3) What Features Does it Have?

  • Select the electric golf cart according to your requirements.
  • Pick the cart suited towards your lifestyle (see our guide to buying a golf cart)
  • You have to check whether you can drive it only on the course or in the gated community as well.
  • Check to see if it needs to be licensed (see our state law guide for questions)
  • Research the type of accessories you would like
  • Make sure that the electric golf cart you select is comfortable to drive

4) How are the Batteries?

We talked about this briefly earlier. When you are buying a used electric golf cart, you have to make sure that its battery pack is in good condition. Do not forget to check the condition of the battery and ask if there is a manufacturer warranty included with the purchase. The top battery manufacturer’s for golf cart batteries are Trojan, US Battery, Crown and Interstate. Any brands outside of those four should be researched to insure reliability. Also, ask the seller how old the batteries are and verify their age using our battery age tool. If the batteries are less than a year old and look to be in good and clean condition and free of corrosion, then you should be set for a few more years. If the batteries have bulging sides on them, then this typically is a sign of the batteries on their way out the door. Also, make sure the desired battery pack is ideal for your scenario. For more information on this, please check out our article that discusses the variety of battery packs and their intended uses.

5) Is the Golf Cart Worth the Asking Price?

One of the most important factors to consider while purchasing the used electric golf cart is the price. Do your local research on market prices for Golf Carts. Prices for Golf Carts vary depending on your location. More importantly, if it is an electric golf cart selling for $2000 or less, then be ready to spend an extra $800 to $2000 in future repairs for batteries and other components. You have to make sure that you get the golf cart priced from the market, so that you can negotiate with the seller for the price of the unit. Also, the varying degree of accessories and speed will also dictate the price of the unit.


Overall, the goal is to determine what is best for your lifestyle. Our detailed guide on buying a golf cart is a good place to start. In addition, try to do some research and determine some accessories that you know you will want to have. Some accessories can be found at reasonable prices online, however some accessories can be custom and expensive like paint jobs and custom enclosures.

Golf Carts can be very custom, therefore buying a used electric golf cart could be customized for someone that is not you. Sometimes, it is worth spending more for new to insure you get what you want along with the verification of having a solid warranty.