What should I use to clean my golf cart windshield?

Looking to clean your windshield on your Golf Cart? Excellent! Remember though, since Golf Cart windshields are predominately made of acrylic, you cannot use regular windex to clean these windshields. If you decide to use windex or another ammonia based window cleaner, then it will damage your Golf Cart windshield.

Acrylic glass windshields can easily be scratched from the use of harsh cleaners and scrubbers. Once damage has been done to a golf cart windshield, it is hard to undo the scratches and cloudy haze that is left from damaging cleaners and scrubbers. So, what should I use to clean my golf cart windshield?

It is best to use the right products when cleaning your golf cart windshield. First off, we need to eliminate the use of all ammonia based glass cleaners. Second, we need to use a soft debris free cloth like micro fibers to use in our cleaning process. Some choose to clean their golf cart windshield with water, however this will leave streaks and an unsatisfactory clean finish to the windshield.

We recommend Sprayway Glass Cleaner as it is a product designed to clean golf cart windshields and remove water spots. It does not have any ammonia, and leaves the windshield in a clean finish without any hazing or scratching. To limit scratching as well, it is best to use a debris free cloth such as a microfiber cloth. By utilizing this tip, you should be left with an incredibly clean windshield!

If you have any other additional golf cart maintenance or cleaning questions, then please comment below. We would love to hear from you!