Star EV Classic 48V

Star EV Classic 48V









Accessory Availability



  • Inexpensive
  • Optional as an LSV
  • Standard DC System
  • 8 Standard Colors
  • 10” Aluminum Wheels Standard


  • Parts Availability
  • Inexpensive Design becomes apparent after a few years
  • No standard safety equipment (except on LSV version)
Manufacturer Star Electric Vehicles
Model Classic 48V
Power Type Electric
Top Speed 19.5 mph

Star Electric Vehicles (Star EV) is owned by JH Global Services and was started back in 2003 as an entrant into the electric vehicle market. Their primary production of vehicles is small wheeled units which most resemble a golf cart, however, they make a wide variety of models from large transportation units that can carry as many as 10 people at a time. Now, their primary source of manufacturing is based out of China, so you may often hear others refer to it as Chinese made. Most of what is in the market today is Chinese made, however, the more important relevance is how they are assembled and whether or not you can get parts. One of their well-known vehicle models into the market is the Star EV Classic 48-2 and 48-2+2. For your information, 2+2 is just another way of saying four-seater.

The Star Classic 48 is a step up from the Star Classic 36. Its comparison to other products of this performing variety, the Star Classic 48 will typically have a fairly low price point when brand new. It utilizes a 48 Volt system that is comprised of 8-6 Volt batteries. With the power of a 48 Volt system, using 8-6 Volts will give you the best range in comparison to other 48 Volt systems. To understand the difference between voltages systems and how they can affect range, then see our article on voltages in golf cart batteries.

In terms of performance, the Classic 48 utilizes a 400 Amp controller and 5.5 HP motor, and those are a tad bit higher than your standard motor and controller package on an E-Z-GO and Club Car. It utilizes its power in a DC setup which is nice since the DC system has been around for so long and many are familiar with it.

With a top speed of 19.5 MPH an hour and most of the standard accessories golf carts come with such as folding windshield and battery charger, the Star Classic 48 is a nice offering. Also, if you like more speed, the Star Classic 48 can also be sold as an LSV with a top speed of 25 MPH. The concern for these vehicles comes after one has owned them for 3 or more years. Especially if you live in an area with lots of sunlight. The body and plastics on the vehicles have been known to age quickly and show poor signs of longevity. In addition, some people have an issue getting parts since they sometimes have to come direct from China. However, parts issues are usually more of an issue due to the dealer not stocking them versus the manufacturer. All vehicle brands will have an issue at some point and the local dealer should carry most of the parts.

All in all, if you are looking for an inexpensive golf cart and have a reliable local dealer, then this is not a horrible unit for the price point. However, if you live somewhere without easy access to parts, then make sure you have some outlet for repairs or prepare yourself to do it on your own.

Body Plastic
Suspension Leaf spring and shock
Overall Length 94 in
Overall Width 47 in
Overall Height 72 in
Wheelbase 67 inches
Ground Clearance 5 inches
Dry Weight (with batteries) 1200 lb
Controller Power 400 A Curtis 1268
Electric System 48-volt DC
Horsepower 5.5 hp Continuous DC
Drive Train Direct rear drive with 10.25:1 ratio
Batteries 8×6 V, Trojan T-105
Top Speed 19.5 mph
Brake System Rear drum
Tires 205/50/10, 4-ply DOT


  1. I have a star snb-tdc36-12ca10051451456 golf cart. the cart speed is about 17 miles an hour. what can I do to get the speed up to 25 miles an hour. I changed the motor on my ezego to get this speed. what can I do on my star cart..


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