Garia Monaco

Garia Monaco









Accessory Availability



  • Quality Components
  • Lots of Standard Features
  • Safer than the Standard Golf Cart
  • Auto Locking Parking Brake
  • Optional Lithium Ion Batteries


  • Parts Sourcing can be difficult at times
  • High Price Tag
  • Limited Performance Package
  • Is only legal at 36 MPH in Europe
Manufacturer Garia
Model Monaco
Power Types Electric
Top Speed 40 km/h /25 mph – with Garia Lithium batteries: 58 km/h /36 mph

To start off, we would like to state that the Garia Monaco is street legal Worldwide except for the United States. If you’re looking for the street legal version for the UNITED STATES, you’re going to want the Garia Via Review found here.

With its headquarters based in the lustrous pastures of Denmark, Garia has been in the Golf Cart Market for over a decade now. And as Garia would say, they are in the “golf car market” versus the golf cart market. That distinction is immediately known when an initial observer takes a look at a Garia vehicle. It almost contains the disposition of a vehicle designed for the future as it drives quietly with thoughtfully created design lines and quality components.

Garia started in 2005 and is a privately held company that uses some of the best European Components to create a vehicle with luxury, quality, and passion. The Garia Monaco was designed to be a street legal addition to the Garia vehicle lineup for Europe, therefore the vehicle will go up to 36 MPH instead of a slow 19 MPH if you add Lithium Ion Batteries. With a slew of extra features, the Garia Monaco includes an air scoop in the roof for air to flow. An additional example, the front hood (or bonnet depending on where you’re from) opens up for a place for covered storage. This is very rare to find on vehicles. In addition, an overlooked feature is its golf bag holder design. It allows your bags to sit at a 45 degree. This allows for an easy visual to locate your club and makes it tremendously easier to remove your club from the bag. This is especially important for those with shoulder issues. Now, there are a plethora of additional options that can be added to, and for those we recommend going to Garia’s site and using their configurator.

Of note is to highlight that the Garia Monaco is using an auto brake which means it will set automatically. There is no need for setting the brake every time you stop. It uses an electro magnetic parking brake to hold the vehicle in place.

If features aren’t enough for you, then the sleek design and thoughtfully selected components will surely stand out. From a sport leather steering wheel to futuristic dash cluster, the entire design of the Garia was designed to be appealing visually while functional. The seats are seamless and the entire roof drains water through a simple roof drain to avoid getting you wet.

The suspension system is made out of aluminum which is beneficial for a low weight and rust proof frame for those in coastal regions. It is also a sport suspension system which allows for a responsive drive but also has enough suspension to make it comfortable still.

On the safety side, it has hydraulic brakes which is nice for quick and easy stopping. Compared to the Garia Golf, the Garia Monaco is a much safer vehicle with an automotive front windshield and self-cancelling turn signals.

Now, this is a spendy unit, however the performance package for the motor and controller does not seem to display this. With an 3 Kw AC motor and a 275 Amp controller, the Garia Monaco will perform, but not leaps and bound over other manufacturers in this space. On the other hand, it does offer the option of lithium ion batteries from Samsung SDI which means you’ll no longer be worrying about watering your batteries consistently and won’t worry about replacing them every 3-6 years depending on where you live.

Overall, we like the Garia Monaco, however you have to live in Europe to take advantage of the higher speeds and you’ll have to be the one to decide if you think the value is worth the price.

Frame Lightweight aluminum frame. 5 years warranty.
Front Suspension Double wishbone suspension made from aluminum with automotive ball joints and coilovers.
Rear Suspension Live rear axle mounted with trailing links, Panhard rod and coilovers.
Overall Length 2330 mm/ 92″
Overall Width 1540 mm/ 58″ (incl. mirrors)
Overall Height 1850 mm/ 73″
Weight 550 kg. / 1184 lbs. – with Garia Lithium batteries: 420 kg. / 898 lbs
Motor High efficient 3-phase AC motor
Output Rating 3 kW (4 Hp)
Peak Power 11 kW (15 Hp)
Batteries Trojan 6 x 8V T-875 (Lithium Ion Optional)
Motor Control Unit Curtis 275 amp
Charger Onboard Delta Q charger
Maximum Forward Speed 40 km/h /25 mph. – with Garia Lithium batteries: 58 km/h /36 mph
Maxmimum Reverse Speed 11 km/h /6 mph
Range (Up To) 64 km/ 40 miles (depending on speed, use etc)
Turning Radius 2600 mm/ 102″ (outer circle)
Charge Time Approx. 7 hours (for full charge)
Brakes Hydraulic brakes with discs in the front and drums at the rear
Parking Brake Automatically engaged electromagnetic parking brake
Tire Size 205-50-10 or 205-30-12
Payload Capacity 350 kg/ 770 lbs
Seating Capacity 2 persons


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