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Golf cart manufacturers are fast embracing electric golf carts, and ICON EV is no exception. Since their first golf cart debuted in the market, ICON EV has continuously worked their golf carts to deliver power, performance, and safety.

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Golf cart manufacturers are fast embracing electric golf carts, and ICON EV is no exception. Since their first golf cart debuted in the market, ICON EV has continuously worked their golf carts to deliver power, performance, and safety. To take transportation to a new level, ICON EV specially produces electric golf carts suited for various functions and sectors, including:

  • Merchandising (commercial purposes)
  • Golf and Recreation
  • Government Institutions
  • Hotels or Resorts
  • Off-Road (for activities like hunting)
  • Patrol (as in learning institutions or private property)

While ICON golf cart models may differ in terms of their specs, some features are common among these golf carts, including:

  • 48V, 4KW Toyota AC motor (can do up to 110 miles on a single charge).
  • Toyota 350 Amp controller.
  • 10”- 12” aluminum wheels.
  • Trojan Lead-acid, NexGen Advanced Lithium, or NexGen AGM batteries.
  • Onboard Delta Q charger.
  • Digital gauges and speedometer.
  • PP (Polypropylene) body kit.
  • A-Frame, powder-coated steel chassis.
  • 4W coil over suspension system.
  • 4W hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Galvanized steel top supports, treated through an anti-corrosive dip with powder coat.
  • Brake, head, tail, and turn signals.
  • DOT windshield and seat belts.

ICON Golf Cart Models

Each ICON golf cart series is made for a specific environment. The ICON i20L, i40L, and i60L are best suited for off-road rides. These models come in handy for campground touring or completing tasks on the farm and have visibly greater clearance from the ground with special rugged tires, making them the best for off-road rides.

ICON golf carts for golf and recreational purposes are created for comfort. Besides the common specs, these models have a foldable windshield, grab bar at the rear side, and can hold up to 8 passengers. These models include the ICON i20, i40, i60, and i80. The ICON i20, for instance, is suitable for use in government and learning institutions for patrolling. ICON golf carts, especially those in the golf and recreation category, also offer cup holders and glove compartments for the storage of items. ICON golf carts are fully customizable to give the best experience. Some of the accessories and options for customizing these golf carts include:

  • Body kit color.
  • Brush guards.
  • Windshield (with the option for tinting) and tops.
  • Comfort seats.
  • Floor mats and enclosures.
  • Bluetooth speakers.
  • Lift kits and suspension.
  • Tires and wheels.
  • Light kits.
  • Bumpers.
  • Cargo and roof racks.

There are lots of accessories for these golf carts, and the customizing options are pretty much endless.

Maintenance Tips for ICON Golf Carts

Keeping your golf cart in the best possible condition helps you get the most out of it and avoid major breakdowns. It is essential to carry out both random and scheduled maintenance for your golf cart. Some general maintenance tips include:

  • Charge the batteries before the next use.
  • Check the batteries regularly: water levels, connectors, and clean any deposition on the connectors.
  • Check the tire pressure and adjust if necessary.
  • Inspect brakes regularly.
  • Check the steering wheel alignment.
  • Clean the upholstery and the underside of the golf cart.

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