McKinney, TX (November 2020) — AL3RT GPS has been doing GPS tracking in the powersports industry for over 10 years and saw a very big need in the golf cart industry when it came to cart security. Over the last 2 years we have built the ultimate golf cart security device by taking our GPS tracking device and integrating it with our keyless ignition. The keyed ignition on any golf cart is what makes them so easy to steal since each manufacture’s units are keyed alike, so we eliminated the key and added our push button start/stop in its place. Now customers only need to carry our fob with them to start the cart. 

We have also been hard at work helping retail dealers make more money and keeping customers coming back with our dealership software solution. They now have access to our advanced inventory management, sales enablement app, customer retention manager, survey tool, rental optimizer, and of course the profit center in the F&I office.

AL3RT then created a must have for golf courses with our keyless ignition that allows them to install our system behind the key switch and from a master remote they can enable or disable the factory key switch so the key will allow the cart to be turned on and off when active and when the key fob disables it then even with the key the ignition will not turn on providing the course peace of mind knowing when they put the carts away at night they can’t be turned on or driven throughout the night.

AL3RT Golf Cart Dealer Program:

AL3RT GPS dealers will get access and use of its state-of-the-art software to aid the dealership with sales, customer retention, inventory management, loaner/rental optimization. In the AL3RT dealer software you can create and send personalized service coupons, discounts, and setup automated service that customers get via SMS or push notifications through the app. Dealers can also track, manage, and optimize their rental fleet and finally go paperless.

For more information, contact Tony Tarell at (866) 687-4637 or email [email protected].

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor