ST. LOUIS, 12-16-23

Allied Battery, the leading provider in lithium golf cart batteries, proudly announces the launch of the hi-performance 48V 160AH Lithium Battery. This groundbreaking battery sets new standards in efficiency, safety, and innovation, positioning Allied Battery as a leader in the rapidly evolving energy storage industry.

Key Features:

Ultra-Fast Balancer Technology:

The 48V 160AH battery is equipped with a Hi-Performance cell balancer that operates a staggering 80 times faster than conventional lithium batteries. This ensures optimal cell balancing, maximizing the battery’s lifespan and consistent performance.

Intelligent Sleep Mode:

BMS is preloaded with an intelligent sleep mode that will automatically shut off the battery during storage. This feature will protect the end user who mistakenly left their lights on, stored battery at a low SOC or simply forgot to turn off the power button after use.

Thick Steel Case Design:

Safety is paramount, and every Allied Battery is built to last with rust proof powder coat and the industry’s thickest steel case. This feature not only provides robust protection against physical impacts but also ensures superior thermal management, contributing to a safer and more reliable energy storage solution.

Allied Hi-Performance BMS:

At the core of the 48V 160AH battery is the Allied custom made Hi-Performance Battery Management System (BMS). This cutting-edge system features dual steel heatsinks, EV rated components and is built to withstand and manage regenerative braking vehicles with ease.

What sets it apart is its seamless integration with the Allied app, offering real-time monitoring and control. This user-friendly interface empowers users to track battery health and energy consumption.

“Allied Battery is thrilled to unveil the 48V 160AH High-Performance Lithium Battery, a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence. With cutting-edge features like the ultra-fast balancer, sleep mode, and hi-performance BMS, we are setting new benchmarks in the industry,” said Mitch Thomas, Lead Engineer.



The 48V 160AH High-Performance Lithium Battery is now available for order. For inquiries, please contact your representative by scanning below QR Code.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor