(March 2023) — Since 2010, AlloyGator has been providing personalized, custom wheel protection for automobiles. Protecting wheels from curb damage, covering up existing scuffs and absorbing impact to rims, AlloyGator wheel protectors bring the assurance of long-lasting and fabulous-looking wheels to thousands of car owners. Branching out to provide this one-of-a-kind product to golf carts was a natural extension of AlloyGator’s offerings. 

AlloyGator will now be suiting up golf cars across North America. They have teamed up with Revenge Golf Cart Parts & Accessories, who will distribute the wheel protectors to dealers nationwide, and, who will handle all online retail sales. AlloyGator is not just positioned to provide a new product for the golf car industry but will also protect dealers’ margins nationwide. Bringing wheel protectors to the golf cart space allows customers to protect and personalize their golf carts as well as their cars. The same fourteen stylish colors are now available for 12”-15” wheels. 

Christopher Maass, owner of Custom Car Connection, one of the largest ICON-EV dealers on the east coast, is an AlloyGator partner who installs the protectors onto his clients’ golf carts. “AlloyGator is really unique – they give styling to your vehicle at the same time protecting it. The fact that they have so many colors – which matches all the style and colored vehicles we have here – is extremely impressive. From a dealer standpoint it’s nice to have a product that easily adds to my bottom line and that my customers are excited about.”

“I’ve lost count of the number of cars I’ve put AlloyGators on and they’ve genuinely saved me thousands over the years. I think AlloyGators are the best there is.” Quentin Willson, Motoring Journalist and Broadcaster.

The launch of AlloyGator’s wheel protectors into the golf car world is a welcome one. They will help define golf cart owners’ individuality while protecting the wheels that get them from A to B, or from hole to hole.

To see some sharp-looking golf cars decked out with AlloyGators, check out this video:

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Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor