“Staying at home just got better”

People are getting frustrated being stuck at home, bored, and itching to do anything around their property to keep themselves and their family sane during this time. For David Piercy, Marketing Director of American Landmaster, he saw this as an opportunity to get in front of customers and show them the value of having a Landmaster machine on their property. “Our sales have not slowed down during this quarantine period. At first I was a bit perplexed when I saw our monthly numbers, but then I started to understand more of why this could be happening. The fact is people are browsing the internet more than ever during this time. They just received their tax return and now their stimulus check is coming. So by being stuck at home and having some extra cash, consumers are itching to buy something to keep them and their family entertained. Buying a UTV during this time is ideal because it provides the owner and their family an opportunity to go explore, work on projects, or just have fun without leaving the property. This is why I believe sales have not slowed down.” This thought process is what sparked American Landmaster to initiate a marketing campaign that staying at home is better with a Landmaster UTV.

“We have such a wide variety of customers as well.” said David. “Some use our product solely for work tasks, where others use it to take the family on fun, off-road trips. I had to make sure our marketing campaign would appeal to both customers. Therefore, we launched a standard message of “Staying at home just got better” but then added various taglines that would appeal to both demographics. One was Ready to work while you’re at home and the other focused more on the leisure customer-base, The perfect time to make family memories.”  This campaign is being broadcasted across social media, various print ads, e-blasts, and on the American Landmaster website. In tandem with their “Stay at home” campaign, they are running $1,000 rebate off 2018 & 2019 4WD models and $500 rebate off 2018 & 2019 2WD models.

Through these campaigns, American Landmaster is focused on achieving two goals. “One of our goals is to simply give people hope while they’re stuck at home.” expresses David. “I want others to see this as a positive opportunity to work on projects and enjoy family, rather than a negative situation where they feel trapped and isolated. There is something so freeing about jumping on a UTV to cruise off-road with your family or to use as a sidekick for yard projects. Our second goal is to spread the fact that by buying our product you are supporting American jobs. Especially during this time, it is so critical to be focused on helping the American economy. By purchasing a Landmaster UTV, not only are you supporting our jobs at American Landmaster, but you are also supporting several of our American suppliers including: Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, CVtech, Hillard, Schafer, and Carlisle, just to name a few.”

American Landmaster has stated that some of their dealerships have had to adjust hours during this time, but are coming up with unique ways to still reach customers and service them. According to David, their dealers are staying in front of customers by advertising more, providing extra perks, and offering higher levels of service such as Free delivery. “Remember, people are online more than ever during this quarantine, so make sure your inventory and brand is prominently displayed, especially to those actively searching for your products. This is not the time to slow down advertising, unless you’re doing billboards, signage or any other foot-traffic-based ads. Focus on digital advertising.” says David. 

American Landmaster is also aware that many Americans are struggling and out of a job during this time. “This is a tough time for a lot of people and our hearts go out to them. By being an already affordable UTV in the market, we rarely discount our product, but we realize that $5,500 or $7,000 is still a lot of money to spend when times are uncertain. With that said, we are trying to help our customers in any way that we can. For a limited time we’ve been offering up to $1000 off select models and special financing including 0.99%. In addition, we are looking into programs such as 90 days without payment. If you are experiencing a hardship due to COVID-19, we do not recommend going out and buying an expensive piece of equipment right now. We are working with customers that still want these great deals, but might not be able to purchase right away. So when it comes to promotional deals expiring, we’re going to be a bit more flexible with customers.” closes David.

So if you’re stuck at home, have lots of projects to do, and need something to keep the family entertained, a Landmaster UTV could be your answer. With 2WD units starting at only $5,499 and 4WD units starting at only $7,749, you can get an American-built UTV on your property at a very affordable price. 


Corporate Information

At American Landmaster, our full line of utility vehicles are American-built from frame to finish to fit your budget, work load, and lifestyle. Whether you’re a farmer, large acreage owner, neighborhood cruiser, entertainer, hunter, or specialty business owner, we’ve got a UTV to fit your needs. We hope that our vehicles create years of family memories and make your utility tasks much easier. American Landmaster recommends visiting their site and learning more about the product. For those interested in a Landmaster UTV, they should find their local dealer online or call 800.643.7332 and a sales specialist from American Landmaster can help them.

For more information about our units, visit Headquarters and retail showroom are located at 2499 S. 600 E. Suite 102, Columbia City, IN 46725. 

1.800.643.7332 x 332. E-Mail: [email protected].

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor