“Let’s Get Dirty” – Utility Vehicles Built For Work

American LandMaster revealed their new 2020 lineup at the 2019 GIE+EXPO. Their new consolidated lineup consists of models that are an incredible value to both residential and commercial users. Across their entire 2020 line, they’ve added the Carlisle (Timken) drive belt and improved the driver pulley. This gives the vehicle a much smoother acceleration while also providing assisted stopping power when letting off the gas. All models will also now come standard with a voltage meter, hour meter and fuel gauge. Finally, all models except the 350 will now have the option to upgrade to one of 4 different bed options. The options include a standard poly bed, steel flat bed, steel bed with a tailgate, and their popular flip seat steel bed. 

American LandMaster has also made several model-specific changes across their lineup. First, their entry-level 2WD Landstar 350 will now come standard with Limited-Slip Rear Differential. This automatically senses when there is loss of traction on the rear wheel and drives equal power to the opposite wheel. “The 350 is one of our most popular vehicles that we sell. We wanted to see how we can add more value to the end customer for 2020. By adding the Limited Slip Differential it gives our entry-level 2WD vehicle some added traction in slippery conditions. ” The Landstar 350 will start at $5,499. 

Some of their biggest changes in 2020 were to the Landstar 455. This 2WD EFI vehicle will now have four wheel hydraulic brakes. It will be equipped with two front hydraulic disc brakes and two rear drum brakes. In addition, the 455 will now have the option to add power steering. “The stopping power is unbelievable! We towed over 4,000lbs. with this vehicle and we were able to stop on a dime. We only recommend towing up to 1,200lbs., but our engineering team really wanted to put this new braking system to the test.” David Piercy stated.

The previous Landstar 677 and Crew 4X have been renamed to the Landstar 700 and Landstar 700 Crew 4. This change better aligns the model naming conventions with their CC power. The Landstar 700 and Landstar 700 Crew 4 are both 694cc powered EFI Kohler engines and come standard with power steering, differential lock, and on-demand 4WD. 

In addition to their base models, American LandMaster also has two specialty models. The Cruiser and The Untamed. The 2020 Cruiser will be available in several models including the 48V Electric, 455, 550, and 700 Crew 2. The 550 Cruiser and 700 Crew 2 Cruiser will come standard with power steering. “If you’re a customer looking for the ultimate entertainment vehicle while still wanting a vehicle for utility tasks, the Cruiser is a top choice. The Cruiser is an incredible value to the customer. It has over $2,000 in accessories that we’re only charging the customer $1,000 for.” David Piercy adds. 

And Finally, the Untamed vehicles will now be available all year. The Untamed series is a specific vehicle made for those that truly enjoy hunting and the outdoors. Like the Cruiser, it is packed with accessories and upgrades including power steering and several hunting accessories. The Untamed is available in the Landstar 550 and Landstar 700.  

2020 Lineup:

  • Electric 2WD
    • l Landstar 48V – Starting at $7,499
  • Gas Powered 2WD
    • l 350 Kohler Carb 279cc – Starting at $5,499
    • l 455 Kohler EFI 429cc – Starting at $6,749
  • Gas Powered 4WD
    • l 550 Briggs & Stratton Carb 479cc – Starting at $7,749
    • l 700 Kohler EFI 694cc – Starting at $8,999
  • Gas Powered 4WD Crew
    • l 700 Crew 4 Kohler EFI 694cc – Starting at $10,999
  • Cruiser
    • l 48V, 455, 550, 700, 700 Crew 2 – Starting at $7,649
  • Untamed
    • l 550, 700 – Starting at $8,999

Corporate Information: At American LandMaster, our full line of utility vehicles are American-built from frame to finish to fit your budget, work load, and lifestyle. Whether you’re a farmer, large acreage owner, neighborhood cruiser, entertainer, hunter, or specialty business owner, we’ve got a UTV to fit your needs. We hope that our vehicles create years of family memories and make your utility tasks much easier. 

For more information about our units, visit Headquarters and retail showroom are located at 2499 S. 600 E. Suite 102, Columbia City, IN 46725. 1.800.643.7332 x 332. E-Mail: [email protected].

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor