While golf tends to be a quiet game, between music, sports, news and weather there are countless reasons to listen to a stereo while playing a round. And with the MIL-AMP200BT Bluetooth amplifier from ProSpec Electronics, it’s never been easier to add a premium sound solution to a golf car. Nor one at such an attractive price point.

The MIL-AMP200BT is simple to use, making it ideal for both private and fleet golf cars. Users simply pair a Bluetooth-enabled media player or smartphone to the amplifier. Then, they use the handheld device to control channels, playback and volume. Sound is easily paused from a distance when the action gets tense putting for a birdie.

Exceptionally compact at only 5.25” L x 4.25” W x 1.75” H, the four-channel MIL-AMP200BT is ideal for mounting under golf car seats. While small in size, the amplifier delivers 4x45W Peak @ 4 ohms of power to drive various speaker sizes.

      Especially helpful for fleet use, the amplifier incorporates a unique Bluetooth identifier. This small weatherproof sticker placed in a visible but protected part of the golf cart ensures the user’s mobile device pairs to the correct vehicle and not someone else’s.

ProSpec Electronics offers the MIL-AMP200BT as OEM equipment to builders and in bulk for fleet upgrades from its well-stocked US inventory, ready to ship. Private golf car owners can also upgrade at a suggested retail price of $99.95.

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Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor