Evolution Electric Vehicles is proud to announce the launch of our full lineup of “Maintenance Free Lithium-Ion Powered” Golf Cars and LSVs. After 3 years of rigorous on and off-road testing we are now offering our Lithium-Ion Battery powered vehicles at factory direct pricing. Additionally, our Factory Warranty Program is causing a rift in the Golf Car Industry. Evolution Electric Vehicles now offers a five-year factory warranty on our Lithium-Ion Battery Pack featuring Aluminum Casing and a superior Battery Management System (BMS). 

Consumers have asked for Performance and Variety and Evolution has answered the call. Evolution now offers our Introductory Level “Classic 4” Model with a MSRP of $5,995, boasting our 60AH Lithium-Ion powered battery pack. Our next “Classic 4 Pro” Model, with a MSRP of $7,395 carries our 110AH Lithium-Ion battery pack. And our Top Tier “New for 2020”, “Classic 4 Plus” Model has a MSRP of $8,995 and boasts our 130AH Lithium-Ion battery pack. 

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries? Well because they don’t take up much space, they are lighter, they can charge and recharge many times without wearing out and they have high energy density, which means they can store a lot of energy per unit of weight and volume. Additionally, the BMS protects the batteries from being under or over-charged. Lithium-Ion Batteries are not just more powerful, they are safer with NO maintenance and approximately a 4 hour recharging time.

“Evolution” means the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Similar words: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, progression, expansion, transformation, adaptation, modification, revision, reworking, change… This is what we believe in and we strive every day to achieve new goals and improve quality while offering the best pricing in the industry… Evolution Electric Vehicle is building a brand and looking for partners across the USA.

About Evolution Electric Vehicles, Inc.

Evolution Electric Vehicles is headquartered in Chino, CA. With assembly and production of the highest quality golf, specialty and utility vehicles in Southern CA and Central Florida. Evolution strives to raise the bar with innovative and quality driven products and award-winning customer service. With the addition of our unparalleled Lithium-Ion battery technology Evolution Electric continues to meet and exceed industry standards.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor