It’s crucial to prepare a golf cart’s lead cell batteries if it will be stored for more than six weeks. Flow-Rite’s innovative Pro-Fill™ Single Point Battery Watering System makes this decommissioning maintenance easy and reduces the long-term damage associated with freezing temperatures. Simple to install, it’s equally suited for a personal golf cart, or an entire fleet. 

Made in the USA to ISO 9001 standards, a Pro-Fill system can fill a set of batteries in seconds without the risks of acid splashing or explosion. A patented polymer manifold and winged valve assembly replaces the battery fill caps. A 3-port swivel tee connects multiple battery manifolds via jumper tubes and to the feed tube that fills the battery bank from a single source. Because of its unique valve design, it fills to the perfect level regardless of water pressure.

Winterizing a Flow-Rite Pro-Fill battery pack is just as easy as filling. Once any remaining water is drained from the feed tube, the male coupler is placed on top of the battery to make it the highest point of the system. This allows excess water to drain naturally back into the ports.

To bring a vehicle back into service, the batteries are fully charged and equalized. The pack is connected to the Pro-Fill system for 3–5 seconds regardless of whether the batteries are completely full. The golf cart is then recommissioned into normal operation. After a week, it can be put back into its regular watering schedule.

Flow-Rite’s Pro-Fill Single Point Battery Watering System is available for 6-, 8- and 12-volt batteries. Single Point Watering kits fit industry-standard and unusual cell spacing.

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Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor