Golf Carting Magazine Soon Available in 250 Publix Super Markets

Golf Carting Magazine, the leading golf-cart-lifestyle magazine, started in Spring of 2020 and has since grown rapidly. Just over a year ago in May 2020, GC Magazine was released in over 600 Barnes & Noble retail stores nationwide.

GC Magazine is pleased to announce that beginning in August 2022 they will be sold in over 250 Publix Super Markets in the Southeast United States.

Golf Carting Magazine is a print and digital publication for golf cart consumers and the custom golf cart industry. Their magazine has become the premier carting publication and the only golf carting magazine sold in retail stores.

Golf Carting Magazine is a monthly publication devoted to the lifestyle of carting and is published by GC Media Group, LLC. Each issue of Golf Carting Magazine delivers in-depth custom vehicle reviews, new cart-related products, aftermarket part and accessory reviews and industry news.

Golf Carting Magazine has plans to continue to grow their retail distribution and is potentially looking to expand in Target and Walmart stores in the coming months.

“Do to the success of our retail distribution in Barnes and Noble it was immediately apparent to us that we should pursue Publix Super Markets as our next retail expansion,” says Trevor Rose, Senior Editor for Golf Carting Magazine. “The geographic locations of Publix stores are in the center of golf cart country… the Carolinas, Georgia and Florida, and we feel this is a perfect fit for the magazine.”

Golf Carting Magazine is excited to continue its retail growth as well as its subscription base. Stay tuned for their August 2022 edition at a Barnes & Noble or Publix near you.

For more information about Golf Carting Magazine, visit their website at or contact [email protected] for advertising inquires.