Red Hawk LLC is proud to announce a key promotion within their Sales organization. Laura Maxwell has been elevated to the position of Sales Manager in the company’s Baltimore headquarters.

The University of Kentucky graduate spent her first 15 years in a corporate fleet management environment, where she gained critical experience from several angles of the business including sales, process improvement and business development. It was her consultative work with clients, however, that proved to be a key professional turning point, giving Laura the profound customer-centric perspective that translated so naturally to Red Hawk.

    In less than three years on the Red Hawk team, Laura distinguished herself first as a sales analyst, then a sales coordinator where her natural ability to partner with people in goal-setting emerged as an obvious addition to her skill set. By all accounts, the transition to Sales Manager has been a seamless one. “I’m enjoying more direct customer interaction,” she said. “I love the end-to-end process where we don’t just improve our performance as a sales team, but we become true assets to our dealers as well. When our customers succeed, we do too.”

In addition to her customer service savvy, Laura has made herself indispensable as a problem-solver, Excel guru and keeper of the best snack drawer in the company.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor