We are excited to announce that Vicar International will be joining the Miami Corporation family of products. Miami Corp. is a leading distributor with a broad line of products in the automotive, marine, awning, and upholstery industries. Vicar and Miami Corp. have similar family business backgrounds on which we pride ourselves. Each company brings many synergistic opportunities to the other and we are energized by opportunities that are now achievable with our combined resources. Vicar is closing the Union, NJ warehouse and all inventories will be moved to Miami’s warehouses in Cincinnati, Reno, and Jacksonville. This in turn will provide our customers with substantial savings in the cost of freight and transit times. Tim Niehaus, President, said “We look forward to providing the Golf Car industry with the same quality Vicar products, as well as fabrics and supplies for all your topping and seating applications.”

About Miami Corporation

Since 1923, Miami Corporation has been and continues to be a leading distributor in the automotive, marine, awning, and upholstery markets for both OEM and aftermarket companies. We are the exclusive distributor of Tempotest Italian performance fabrics in the US. From our headquarters in Cincinnati, OH and distribution centers in Jacksonville, FL and Reno, NV, we have grown to provide over 25,000 products to our customers across the United States. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service at all levels of our team. We all take great pride in our craft to make sure every experience is one to remember. Miami Corp. employees support our customers with in-depth product knowledge paired with our updated technology systems. In 2015, The Miami Corporation became an Employee Owned Company (ESOP) to help better the future of our employees. We look forward to partnering with you to make your job easier.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor