OASIS 4F SERIES GOLF CARS // Assembled in Florida by Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories

(February 6, 2024) — Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories is now offering The OASIS 4F Se-ries Golf Cars to its dealers. These golf cars are fully assembled at Stenten’s Florida location and shipped direct to dealers. The Oasis 4F features a four seat forward fac-ing configuration on an aluminum frame. These cars have a 105Ah lithium battery pack with a 4Kw AC motor and 400amp controller allowing for the cars to achieve 25mph easily. The cars also have a tortoise/hare switch for when kids are around. There are many additional features for comfort and convenience including a 10” touchscreen display which allows operators to monitor speed, voltage, amperage, battery level, and even control the AM/FM radio or connect via Bluetooth to allow for audio streaming. This screen also connects to a back-up camera which gives you many of the features you would expect from a touchscreen automotive display. The Oasis 4F also boasts many of the features some would consider almost standard these days in-cluding complete LED light kit with self-cancelling turn signals, side mirrors with built-in turn indicators, premium 3-tone seats, seat belts, comfort steering wheel, fold-down windshield, stylish rims & tires, rear hydraulic brake system and motor brake parking brake with manual lever release. These golf cars are currently available in 4 standard colors black, white, red, and blue. All Oasis 4F series replacement parts are stocked in Stenten’s Florida warehouse. For more information on the Oasis 4F series, the dealer can visit www.OasisGolfCars.com or call (800)541-8333.

About Stenten’s Golf Cart Accessories

Stenten’s was started in 1986 by Marylin Stenten and is run today by her son Stan Stenten who is continuing to provide golf cart dealers worldwide affordable and inno-vative products at competitive pricing.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor