Passion, innovation, and a sheer willingness to take on any challenge is what have brought United Commercial Upholstery, Inc. to the level we are today. Our signature product line, Suite Seats, was born from that drive.

United Commercial Upholstery Inc, or “UCU”, originated the golf cart seat replacement industry by launching Suite Seats in 2005, while working with a local EZ-GO distributor. At that time “recovers” were the most common way to dress up and customize a golf cart, but recovers did nothing to address the poor comfort and quality of the OEM foam and seat design. Taking advantage of the knowledge of materials and design gained from working within the marine industry Suite Seats offered superior materials, including marine grade plywood, biocide treated foam, and marine grade UV resistant vinyl. Best of all, Suite Seats were made to install exactly like the original OEM style seats and were available for all major golf cart brands and models.

Today the Suits Seats product line has expanded to include a Touring Edition which includes headrests and armrests, a Villager Edition with a reduced center bolster and softer foam, and a soon to be released Luxury Edition. For a superior seat on a budget UCU responded to dealer demand by introducing their Legacy Line, OEM style seats offered in multiple two tone patterns while still made by using the same high quality materials used in Suite Seats. Suite Seats also include a line of accessories including cupholder armrests for rear seat kits, designed and introduced by UCU in 2008.

While those in the golf cart industry know UCU for the Suites Seats product line, UCU builds much more than golf cart seats. UCU is heavily involved in the marine industry and supplies over 12 major boat builders and aftermarket suppliers with fish seats, pontoon furniture, and other interior components. UCU also manufactures athletic exercise equipment for 3 large suppliers, and offers locker room cushions under the trade name ProCushion. This diversity has driven dramatic growth for UCU. UCU has recently completed their third expansion in the last 6 years by adding another 20,000 sf of production space. By adding this space UCU was also able to also expand their prototyping department and add space for a deeper inventory.

UCU’s OEM services encompass nearly every process necessary for the efficient, cost-effective production of high-quality seating. Coupled with a talented design and prototyping ability, this has allowed UCU to build lasting partnerships with OEM suppliers in the golf car industry to go along with a rich history of being a leading furniture supplier to the marine industry. 

Whether it’s a specific component or complete turnkey service, we can provide the solution you need with some of the fastest lead times in the industry.

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Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor