Pro Charging Systems Announces Launch of the new Eagle Performance Series Auto Detect

Golf Cart Dealership

From golf carts to bass boats, scissor lifts to floor scrubbers and everything in between, PRO Charging Systems manufactures chargers that help extend battery range and endurance, all while reducing the consumer’s overall cost of ownership, thanks to our proprietary charging algorithm.

One of the keys to developing industry leading battery performance is bringing batteries up to the proper specific gravity levels as recommended by battery manufacturers. PRO Charging Systems manufactures the only chargers that will consistently recharge batteries to a 100% level. By bringing a battery’s electrolyte to the proper specific gravity level, we significantly reduce sulfation; the primary cause of premature battery failure. The result is substantially longer discharge times for the consumer, enhancing their overall experience and saving them money with prolonged battery life. 

PRO Charging Systems launched their newest addition to the golf industry in spring 2020, and experienced record growth throughout the year, despite the global COVID-19 pandemic. The new Eagle Performance Series Auto Detect (model i36154815) utilizes this same charging algorithm at a price point that fits everyone’s budget. The conveniently designed Auto Detect can be used on virtually any 36V and 48V LSV, without the need to preset any charging parameters. The charger automatically detects the DC Voltage and charges accordingly. Thanks to its interchangeable 7’ charge cables, the same charger can be used for practically any cart brand in a ‘Plug-n-Play’ fashion. 

What if the cart is unplugged for a long time? Most have encountered a low voltage problem at some point. Many of the market chargers require 35V-40V for a 48V charger to begin charging. PRO Charging Systems’ Auto Detect only requires roughly 10V to begin charging. If the cart has been accidentally unplugged for an extended time, this feature helps the consumer avoid the frustration of making a low voltage-related service call to their dealer, thus freeing up time for the dealer to focus on other areas of their business. 

Does the Auto Detect maintain the batteries? Yes! All Eagle Performance Series models adapt to the need of the battery pack and charges them to optimum levels consistent with battery manufacturers’ recommendations. The Float/Maintenance mode ensures batteries stay fully charged at all times, without ever overcharging, thus increasing the useful life of the batteries by preventing significant sulfation buildup. 

Can PRO Charging Systems charge lithium batteries? Yes! Our Premier model i4818LITH (i4818OBLITH for On-board applications) is designed specifically for Lithium batteries. The i4818LITH charges at an 18 amp output and is specific to 48V carts. The i4818LITH can be quickly and easily recalibrated to charge a standard 48V SLA or AGM battery pack, if the consumer chooses. The i4818LITH uses the same interchangeable charge cables as the Auto Detect. The i4818LITH is compatible with our DeltaView Link app which provides historical charging data and Real-time information such as State of Charge and pack voltage. 

PRO Charging Systems proudly manufactures their Eagle Performance Series battery chargers in Nashville, TN.