NASHVILLE — Red Hawk, a subsidiary of Arrowhead Engineered Products, announced a shift in strategy toward a centralized distribution model, consolidating its geographically diverse warehouse network into a state-of-the-art, custom built mega-facility. The 540,000-square-foot complex earned the name “Titan” for its physical size, the impressive scope of its capabilities, and its Portland, Tennessee location. 

The advances Titan offers will allow Red Hawk to optimize costs, capital, logistics, and inventory, translating to a stronger value proposition for customers. “Titan was designed from the ground up to dramatically reduce the complexity in our supply chain,” said Connor Herr, Group President, Engineered Products. “This will maximize our operational efficiency, allowing us to better serve the needs of our dealers now, and to lead our industry into the future.” 

Titan’s cutting-edge logistics technology will be phased in over time, including advanced storage, cross-docking, and order processing capabilities. One such advancement, “Lightning Pick” technology, is the best-of-breed solution to increase pick rate productivity, order accuracy and cost efficiency, aided by Titan’s 6,000-foot conveyance system.

The strategic shift will effect a consolidation of existing Red Hawk distribution centers in the coming months. “What we give up in proximity to our dealer network, we make up for in terms of speed, accuracy, efficiency and right-sized inventory,” said Red Hawk sales manager Charlie Neuman. “Streamlining logistics to have all the elements of a customer’s order coming out of the same location will yield many benefits, including faster turnaround and fewer backorders.”

Titan will be more than a distribution center. The complex will also include photography and videography studios plus modern workspaces for a variety of functions, including IT, finance, engineering, product testing and technical support. 

Red Hawk anticipates orders beginning to ship out of Titan on or around April 1, 2024.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor