Beginning April 1, 2021, Red Hawk will convert to a simple and streamlined flat rate shipping program that takes the guesswork out of freight costs for dealers. This much-anticipated program helps customers predict shipping charges according to a tiered structure that factors in the type of item, its size and the order amount. 

“We have been working on this for some time, talking to dealers across the country in order to arrive at a shipping scenario that’s fair for everyone and helps our customers by giving them a greater ability to anticipate and control freight costs,” said Vice President of Sales and Marketing Duffey Pitzer. The April 1 rollout date coincides with the release of Red Hawk’s 2021 catalog, in which each item will be tagged with its shipping tier for clarity. 

2021 is also Red Hawk’s 20th Anniversary year. This shipping policy is the latest example of the company’s Doing it Better commitment.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor