THOMASVILLE, GA (January 1, 2024) — Company founders announced the launch of a premier line of golf cars for new golf car brand, Sierra LSV. 

“We are proud to launch the Sierra LSV company with our first line of golf cars,” said co-founder and CEO Scott Blanton. “Sierra LSV represents a very special vision that we had to create a top-tier solution for the consumer at an affordable price-point. After years in the golf car industry, we knew there was space in the market for a golf car that was fully loaded and affordable, but not cheaply made. We’re committed to high-quality craftsmanship and durability as well as ultimate user engagement. Golf cars should be FUN. They’re the way families slow down and connect now… they’re not just for the golf course. Sierra LSV is designed for the neighborhood.”

Sierra LSV is based in Thomasville, GA. It launched in January 2024 with sales in dealerships throughout the southeastern USA and growing into other regional territories. 

“We really value our relationship with dealers,” said co-founder and COO Cody Baggett. “We are blessed to have started right out of the gate with a really strong sales team. Providing the best service we can is important to us—meeting the dealers’ needs, supporting them with great sales tools and assets. I think the sales proposition—fully-loaded golf cars, high-quality builds and a family-friendly price point—is an irresistible one for consumers. That demand is there and we can support it.” 

Sierra LSV features “fully-loaded” golf cars designed with the recreational user in mind—providing top tier accessories as standard issue parts of its design, rather than as add-ons. The company launched in 2024, focused on high quality craftsmanship and durability, as well as ultimate user engagement, at a cost-effective price point that made the golf cars competitive in the market upon launch.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor