Fat Tire Golf Scooter has become the leader in Single-Rider Golf Options. Featuring 4 models at the 2022 PGA Show to satisfy golfers of all levels of agility, while allowing social distancing and faster speed of play.

The new Fatboard-Golf 2-wheel stand-up scooter appeals to the younger, more athletic golfers. The large tires glide effortlessly over any terrain, while its light weight and fat tires help protect the turf with a 2000 watt motor and 20ah lithium battery. Retail price is only $2999.

The Cruiser 3.0 is the highest quality 2-wheel golf scooter on the market. The 3000 watt motor, paired with a high-quality, high-torque controller, provides excellent hill-climbing power. Motorcycle style front end, rear suspension, and 13” chrome wheels provide the smoothest ride, and the 25ah lithium battery keeps you on the course for up to 36 holes. Retail price is only $3899.

The Rebel Tike provides the single-rider experience to a much larger demographic of golfers. Without needing to balance or activate a kick-stand after stopping, it is much easier ride and just concentrate on your game. The high-torque geared motor provides excellent hill climbing with low power consumption, and the dual 20ah lithium batteries provide for more than 36 holes on a charge. Large chrome rims with Kenda golf tires and multiple fender color options. Retail price is only $3999.

      The new SR4 Single-Rider golf cart is perfect for those wanting the benefits of single-rider but still want the traditional look and feel of the golf cart. Featuring a smaller platform (72” long x 38” wide) with multiple upgrades including Curtis programmable controller, engine braking for downhill safety, auto brake lock when parked, chrome rims with Kenda Pro Turf Tires, flip-down windshield, mirrors, upgraded seat, cooler, and a 60ah lithium battery. Retail price is only $5999.

      For more information visit or see us at the 2022 PGA Show at booth number 2848.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor