Raise Your Precedent From The Ashes of Mediocrity.

Designed to blur the line between modern automotive styling and traditional golf car customization, DoubleTake®’s new Phoenix™ Body Set, for the Club Car® Precedent®, has risen and is quickly ascending to the top of the customization industry. With its sweeping, aerodynamic lines, and aggressive, sporty demeanor, the Phoenix™ soars above the competition. Not only does this innovative body kit feature unmatched styling, it also boasts some new, high-quality features.

The Phoenix™ body is made of high-impact ABS plastic with a high-gloss acrylic cap. DoubleTake® bodies are never painted, so the color won’t chip or flake. Instead, each body is formed from plastic with solid-coloring throughout. The Phoenix™ is part of the DoubleTake® Color-Match System™, which features 20 color options, each harmoniously integrated throughout the DoubleTake® product line. Four powerful LED lamps, with full-edge running lights, provide generous visibility, while precision sculpted lenses and an integrated front grille, complete the automotive-inspired styling. Add an optional Max Lightbar to the mix to enhanced the look and to easily blaze through even the darkest of nights. A variety of grille combinations offers yet another level of customization. Precision-molded from high-strength plastic, for incomparable detail and durability, the prominent grille is available in two designs, Diamond or Slotted. Each design (and separate outside frame) is available in a black or chrome finish, providing eight combinations for fine-tuning the look of the already gorgeous, DoubleTake® Phoenix™.

For an advanced body kit that soars above the rest in quality, style, and features, but won’t burn through your budget, unleash the Phoenix™ and take your Club Car® Precedent® to the next level. For more information, visit

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor