Whether on water, dirt, snow, pavement or the links, music and the outdoors are natural companions. But no one wants to expose a mobile device to rain, dirt, dust or the accidental drop. With the waterproof JBL Click Bluetooth® wireless controller from ProSpec Electronics, it’s never been easier to add fingertip control to a tablet or smartphone that’s safely stowed away. And with a low price, the JBL Click makes an ideal holiday gift for anyone who enjoys being outside.

The JBL Click has an adjustable silicon strap that quickly mounts to virtually any steering wheel, tiller, paddle or handlebar. Easily removed, the controller is perfect when back home for use around the pool, garden or gym or while tailgating.

Only 1.3 oz. and the diameter of a quarter, the JBL Click from ProSpec Electronics is designed to be used with or without gloves while maintaining steering control. The single turnable and clickable knob is intuitive to use. With it, users can adjust the mobile device’s volume and play/pause/next track control. If the phone rings, the call can be rejected or accepted and terminated. It works with Android and iOS Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Pairing the JBL Click is simple and confirmed by an integrated LED. With Bluetooth Low Energy built-in, the included 3V CR2032 battery will last up to ten months. The JBL Click from ProSpec Electronics costs $49.95.

Contact ProSpec Electronics, 3325 S Morgans Point Rd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466. www.prospecelectronics.com; www.facebook.com/prospecaudio; www.instagram.com/prospecelectronics; YouTube: www.bit.ly/2wQmJWz.

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor