The program provides training and an online library of professional marketing materials, manuals, guides, videos, and other documents that help dealers sell Trojan products and educate their employees and customers.

Sante fe springs, ca — Trojan Battery Company, the leading manufacturer of deep-cycle lead-acid batteries used in golf and personal transportation vehicles, has developed a new certification program for dealers in conjunction with the release of its  GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery. 

“We launched this program to ensure quick and effective communications with golf and personal transportation vehicle dealers who sell and maintain our products,” says Chief Marketing Officer Fredrik Klaarenbeek. “The program helps them gain exposure to our extensive customer base, market our industry-leading products, and accurately answer customers’ questions.” 

Upon completion of the certification and with the approval of the Master Distributor who manages the territory, dealers earn the title “Authorized Trojan Lithium-Ion Dealer” and gain access to the Authorized Trojan Dealer Website. It provides: 

  • Professional, downloadable sales materials 
  • Operating, maintenance, and installation guides
  • Specification and data sheets 
  • Sales and training videos
  • Warranties 
  • White papers
  • Much more

For more information or to apply for the program, simply complete the application form. 

About the Trojan GC2 48-V Lithium-Ion Battery 

      Trojan’s new GC2 48-V Lithium-Ion Battery was engineered to deliver the range, off-road durability, and safety features needed by people who use their golf cars or PTVs for daily transportation, making it the ideal choice for residents of retirement, master-planned, and gated communities. 

Based on a published range of lithium-ion golf car batteries, the Trojan GC2 48-V Lithium-Ion Battery with a three-battery configuration delivers a proven range of 45-60 miles on a single charge. That is up to 15% farther than other batteries in its class. Further, the battery is one of the few in its class that’s certified to vibration standards required for heavy-duty off-road vehicles. It also carries one of the highest levels of dust, sand, and water protection in the industry.

Actual driving range will vary depending on factors including, but not limited to, load, terrain, temperature, and equipment. 

About Trojan Battery Company

Leading manufacturers of golf, personal transportation and utility vehicles as well as marine equipment, floor-cleaning machines, and aerial-work platforms depend on us to power their products. Since 1925 Trojan Battery Company, a part of C&D Technologies, has revolutionized deep-cycle battery technology by introducing generations of deep-cycle flooded, AGM, and gel batteries as well as our new lithium-ion battery. Based in Santa Fe Springs, California, we operate four manufacturing facilities and two advanced Research and Development Centers in the United States, offices in Europe and Asia, and a worldwide network of Trojan Master Distributors. Visit

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