REDWOOD CITY, CA (January 9, 2023) — Tyler Willett started building custom trucks for the SEMA show in 2013 and featured vehicles in the show through 2017. In 2020, he challenged himself to explore new projects, which led him to building head-turning custom golf cars in his garage. By 2022, he had built four fully cusatom gas and electric cars with unique powder coating, chrome work and custom paint jobs. Tyler was quickly hooked and started West Coast Cartz. 

West Coast Cartz’s mission is to bring golf cars to the forefront of the automotive industry. Tyler built this cart for the 2022 SEMA show to showcase his build partners’ exceptional golf car products. Every part of this golf car is bolt-on and can be purchased by pros and garage DIYers alike. Ultimately, this build shows that there are no limits when it comes to building a custom cart.

The foundation for Tyler’s build started with a 2022 Navitis Chassis with a 5Kw AC motor and 600 AMP controller. The golf car is powered by a 70.4 v lithium EcoBattery that runs the stereo system, lighting and the big bad green motor that propels the cart up to 40 mph. The Navitas cart has an 18.7″ Big Bad Carts bolt on lift kit and is custom painted metallic red and chrome plated. Tyler also added Full Throttle Suspension chrome 2.0 reservoir shocks to give the cart a better ride and finished look. The cart is running 22 x 12 Forged Gear off road wheels with True Spike billet spike lug nuts and 33 x 12.50R22 Baja Boss Mickey Thompson tires. This SEMA build is running custom 3″ and 4″ billet wheel spacer adaptors and aftermarket rear disc brakes. Tyler was concerned about the intricate wires and cables being exposed under this cart, so he had a custom skid plate laser cut and painted by his buddies at Collision Kings LLC in Redwood City, CA. 

      The cart is running twenty-five FCK Lightbars RGB rock lights to light up the suspension, battery compartment and the carts interior.

      The golf car showcases a custom painted storm body kit and custom painted DOT extended roof in metallic red to match the suspension. Inside, you’ll find a custom painted MODZ rear flip seat kit and FS2 seats with custom suede backing done by Tyler himself.

The polished interior also has Xtreme Mats’ custom floor mats that pair well with the Big Bad Carts billet pedals and billet suede steering wheel and chrome steering column.

This unique build uses Big Bad Carts iPad pro dash to play music through two SoundExteme by ECOXGEAR 32″ soundbars and two 8″ subwoofers. The golf car has a tinted Madjax windshield mounted to chrome plated roof struts. 

One of Tyler’s favorite additions to the cart is the custom suede starlight headliner built with 2,000 stars by Interstellar Interiors.

For the final touch, the cart is completed with a West Coast Cartz custom chrome name plaque.

Tyler’s goal is to build custom top shelf golf cars for people and also continue to build personal custom golf carts for the SEMA show. 

For additional media information: Tyler Willett: [email protected], Facebook: Https://www.facebook.com/tyler.willett.18, Instagram: TCS_willett650

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor