Kennesaw, Ga. (August 6, 2019) – Yamaha Golf-Car Company announced their Used Car Financing offer that will provide qualifying customers with as low as 1.99% interest on any used golf car that’s up to 7-years-old.

“We are thrilled to give our customers yet another incredible opportunity to bring home a Yamaha golf car,” said Tom McDonald, President of Yamaha Golf-Car Company. “With this offer, customers can take advantage of Yamaha’s in-house financing and get 100% of what they want: the best personal or light utility vehicle in the industry.”

The financing offered through Yamaha Motor Finance Corporation, USA (YMFUS) is one-of-a-kind. Yamaha is the only golf car manufacturer that offers their own captive to financing. YMFUS supports the retail and wholesale financing needs of Yamaha’s dealers and customers. Since their establishment, YMFUS has made financing easier for not only Yamaha’s authorized dealerships, but also the customers they serve, through a succinct, digital dealer system and solutions like the Yamaha Credit Card and first-ever offers like this one.

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About Yamaha Golf-Car Company
The Yamaha Golf-Car Company builds from the 60-plus-year legacy of the Yamaha brand to manufacture the most innovatively engineered and highest quality golf, utility, and personal transportation vehicles in the world. That legacy propelled Yamaha Golf Car to be the first to develop Electronic Fuel Injection technology in a golf car (producing the best gas mileage and smallest carbon footprint); the first (and only) golf car with fully independent, four-wheel suspension (producing the smoothest golf car ride); and the first gas-powered car that is almost as quiet as an electric car. For more on how Yamaha continues to set the standard, visit