Kennesaw, Ga. (August 1, 2019) — Yamaha Golf-Car Company announced their sponsorship of The Savage Race–the most renown, obstacle course competition in the U.S. — for their Dallas, Georgia stop on October 26-27, 2019.

“The Savage Race is about teamwork and creating memories for a lifetime — much in the same way Yamaha’s goal is to create a lifetime of memorable experiences,” said Jonathan Frank, Marketing Manager, Yamaha Golf-Car Company. “We’re more than golf cars, our light utility vehicles are second-to-none and the Savage Race is the perfect platform to show them in an environment where most others would fail.”

The Yamaha-sponsored campaign of the Savage Race’s Dallas, Georgia stop will feature all the obstacles that veteran racers have come to love and new racers will strive to conquer. Throughout which, Yamaha will have a dedicated presence in various display areas as well as be incorporated into the race’s social media and email marketing efforts. Three UMAX Rally® and three UMAX Rally™2+2 — the newest additions to Yamaha Golf-Car Company’s groundbreaking light utility vehicle lineup — will be showcased for staffers to use and racers to be inspired by throughout the course.

“Savage Race is excited to partner with Yamaha Golf-Car Company and their new UMAX light utility vehicle at this year’s Georgia Savage Race,” said Lloyd Parker, Co-founder of The Savage Race. As a company committed to innovation in the obstacle course race industry, Savage Race values Yamaha’s dedication to quality and innovation in their vehicles.  Yamaha’s UMAX is ideal for adventure and outdoor exploration, while Savage Race offers its participants a chance to explore the outdoors and challenge their personal limits. Together, adventure abounds.”

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