JOHNS CREEK, GA — Z.ONE EV successfully debuted its two new golf car products to the United States at the PGA Show in Orlando with the launch of NanoIntech Lithium-Ion (NMC) Battery Powered by LG Energy Solution and DY INNOVATE’s next generation golf car, INNOVATE. 

“The reception and feedback we received at the PGA Show was outstanding,” said Joseph J. White, COO of Z.ONE EV. “We met with most major golf car manufacturers and their response was better than we could have hoped for. These products are the best of the best in the Korean golf car market and we believe are quickly on their way to setting the standard in the U.S. as well.”

Working in collaboration with LG Energy Solution and NanoIntech Energy Solution, Z.ONE EV is the exclusive North American distributor for the new lithium battery technology and design. NanoIntech Lithium-Ion (NMC) Batteries Powered by LG Energy Solution outperforms its rivals in the market.

Traditional lithium batteries use phosphate (LiFeP04) tubular cells. In the NanoIntech designed Battery Packs, LG NCM (Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese) POUCH cells are used which are much more compact in size, more efficiently powerful in performance, and designed with an in-house developed advanced Battery Management Systems (BMS). 

Additionally, DY INNOVATE, headquartered in Seoul, Korea, is the developer and producer of next generation golf cars, and introduced its new eight-passenger golf car under the guidance of its exclusive North American distributor USEV. InnovateTM is the bestselling golf car in South Korea. The Low Speed Vehicle has earned 60 percent market share in South Korea since debuting in 2015. It is unlike any LSV golf car the industry has ever seen. 

InnovateTM is the only golf car designed off of an automotive platform, and the components are all automotive caliber components. 

James Park, CEO of both Z.ONE EV and USEV, knows he has huge winners on his hands.

“The excitement surrounding our products at the show was phenomenal,” explained Park. “This was our first entrance into North America and we are excited to see where these two state-of-the-art products take us into the future.”

Originally seen on Golf Car Advisor