3 Things to Consider When Buying a Refurbished Golf Cart

3 Things to Consider when buying a refurbished golf cart

Selling reconditioned (or refurbished) golf carts is a VERY popular thing to do among golf cart dealers and for good reason. They can strip the golf cart down to bare bones (chassis, engine, the more expensive parts of a golf cart) and rebuild it with a brand-new body, new wheels, tires and seats. This allows it to look like a brand-new cart, but for a fraction of what a new cart costs making the consumer feel like they’re getting a great deal.
What some may not know is that most golf carts that are sold as “refurbished” are fleet golf carts that have been used on a golf course for a few years being thrashed and worn down. The dealer will purchase them and make them look great, but in reality the “guts” of it may be about to crap out.

That being said, there are LOTS of great refurbished golf cart deals out there, you just need to know what to consider and look for when buying one:

1-What is the Level of Refurbishment?

The first thing you will want to consider when buying a refurbished golf cart is that most of the time, these dealers have made the golf cart look brand new, so even though they look great, be sure to inspect the level of refurbishment. Examine the cart carefully before buying. Be sure to lift the seats and inspect the batteries, controller, engine or motor in addition to getting a close look at the chassis and suspension as well. For the batteries, be sure to identify their age. Some suspicious dealers will spray paint the suspension and chassis to make it look like new. Anything you can do to see as much of the golf cart as possible before purchasing will lead to a well-informed decision after your purchase.

2- How Many Hours are on the Unit?

Luckily, most newer golf carts are equipped with an hour meter which will tell you a number of hours that are on the golf cart you wish to purchase. Most golf carts go by a number of hours that are on the unit and not a number of miles. All of these units are designed for golf courses, therefore their hours of operation need to be tracked. If a dealer claims they cannot look at the hours on the unit, then they either do not have to proper tools to check or do not want to reveal how many hours it has been used on the golf course. The lower the hours, the better.

3- Are They a Certified Dealer?

Most of the golf cart manufacturers you have heard of primarily based in America. The typical brands that are refurbished include Club Car, EZGO, and Yamaha. These manufacturers have authorized dealers all over the United States and are most likely in or near your hometown.

This also makes it easier to find and locate a dealer nearby to service your unit. However, beware of dealers that are not a certified dealer for the refurbished unit you are purchasing. They may have access to parts, but this does not mean they will stand behind their warranty in the future. So, ask your friends and neighbors their opinions and make sure they have had their vehicle for a number of years before pursuing a purchase with an uncertified dealer.

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Hopefully, this article has shed some light the subject of refurbished golf carts. Always be sure to ask as many questions as possible when you’re at the store. If the dealer is reputable and honest, they will encourage your questions and help make you feel comfortable with your purchase. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!