A Star Is Born…And You Don’t Even Have To Go To Stuttgart

Photo Credit: LuxeElectricCar.com

Mercedes-Benz has long been a highly desirable automobile because of its engineering, timeless design and overall luxury. The Mercedes star is a sign of quality and personal achievement throughout the modern world.

Now, Luxe Electric Car in Palm Desert, CA has made it possible to have a mini-Mercedes in the garage that you can take out onto the golf course and around the neighborhood. And, it has a wide range of luxury features that allow it to be mentioned in the same breath as the automobile.

For starters, the front end looks just like a Mercedes, right down to the double headlamps and the distinctive star grille. You can order yours in a selection of colors and it will be built on a quality Luxe chassis. One surprise is that this golf cart has a front hood which leads to the added surprise that when you lift the hood you will not find a huge engine, but instead a handy storage compartment.  The actual engine for the cart is an 18 horsepower AC drive that will push this Teutonic wonder as fast as 32 miles per hour. Not quite as fast as people drive on the Autobahns, but plenty fast for your neighborhood or a round of golf.

This luxury vehicle comes with a five-year warranty and includes a built-in charger. Your course cruiser will attract lots of attention with its chrome wheels and distinctive design.

The interior areas are fully carpeted, including the cart storage at the rear. When seated on the very comfortable seats you’ll be gazing over the sport steering wheel at a woodgrain dash that includes lockable glove boxes. There is also a split windshield that can be lowered halfway to let you experience the breeze of open motoring. This cart has all the amenities to make a tour of the course totally enjoyable.

This new model joins the Luxe custom fleet that include carts designed to look like a BMW, Land Rover and Bentley. Luxe can also deliver any of these custom rides in a four-passenger or six-passenger configuration. These extended capacity configurations are designed for the customer that will use the cart for energy efficient transportation.

Many buyers will want to outfit their mini-Mercedes to look like their daily driver. Fortunately, Luxe has other options that can be added to their custom carts, such as a premium sound system. If you’ve got the dream of owning a custom cart that matches your lifestyle Luxe has a lot of choices that can make your dream come true.

Luxe Electric Car has an excellent service program and will accept qualified trade-ins at a very competitive price. Pricing for this golf cart starts at $15,000. You can learn more on their website.

Ken is a veteran of the golf industry, with experience in golf course operations, country club marketing, tournament staging (including the nationally televised ProStakes) and too many mis-hit shots to count. He has been writing since he could hold a pen and has been published in numerous national and industry publications. Ken has worked on projects with PGA pros like Jack Nicklaus, Peter Jacobsen, Fuzzy Zoeller, Chi Chi Rodriguez and Craig Stadler.