Golf Cart Laws on Isle of Palms, SC

Many people do not realize that there are specific laws on the books concerning Golf Carts. Isle of Palms is no exception.

The police want you to enjoy your time at the beach, but be sure to follow the laws. Here are a few highlights:

  • Golf Carts can not be driven at night (even if you have lights). Only street legal golf carts can be driven at night. To be street legal, golf carts must have lights (brake lights too), turn signal, DOT approve windshield, seat belts, max speed of 25 mph, and license plate (not just a sticker).
  • Golf Carts are not allowed on bike paths
  • You must have a Driver’s License to drive a golf cart. Sorry, no kids. And you must be an insured driver
  • Golf Carts are not allowed on streets with Speed Limit of 35 MPH or more. That includes most of Palm Blvd. You are allowed to cross those streets, but not drive on them. Best to use Waterway Blvd or Ocean.
  • You must be within 4 miles of the primary residence of the golf cart.